Your idea for actions/slogans/organising etc.

Great ideas are always made better when loads of people contribute to them. We’ve had loads of people mailing asking what they can do to get involved. We can now point people to this page

Please add anything you want below: photos, images, ideas for actions, how to organise a meting or whatever else you can think of.

44 Responses to “Your idea for actions/slogans/organising etc.”
  1. Lindsay Oliver says:

    On the day that David Cameron announces his crackdown on benefit fraud, we need to challange him to crack down on tax evasion, or tax fraud.

    • Celeste Bell says:

      Yes, that is a really good idea. We could even suggest that he uses a credit scoring agency to do that too!

    • John Moore says:

      David ‘Thatcher Milk Snatcher’ Cameron’s latest attack on benefit cheats is to threaten the 1/3 of a pint a day free milk for the ‘thieving’ under-5s who are ‘cheating’ the system – milking it in fact! The man’s an utter disgrace and the sooner we get rid of him the better.

    • Adrian Hernandez says:

      Rightfully so as what’s good for the goose (working class) tis good for the gander (middle class)

      • Adrian Hernandez says:

        Just for the record my comments are in regards to the below:

        “On the day that David Cameron announces his crackdown on benefit fraud, we need to challange him to crack down on tax evasion, or tax fraud”

    • Aidan Jolly says:

      this might help – have corrected benefit fraud leaflet I found in my local library. Soon we’ll learn it’s obese children that are to blame for food shortages

      • Martin says:

        I love some of the ideas here. We have to be so damned innovative , creative and different this time. Coordinated strikes, work to rules, protests etc yes of course. Always our core weapon. But the right learned in the Miners Strike, and since, how to turn the tradtional defensive weapons against us. Including the greater UK public through divide and rule. This has to be the tightest poker game we have played. The message has to be as simple, united and focused as it can be. The most expensive Camera Lens. As Gemma says, clear and easy to understand. Eye catching and different.

        I love Kelly’s idea particularly about a consumer boycott. Just do not buy. One reason perhaps because I don’t anyway. It’s heartfelt and imaginitive. But as shopping seems to have overtaken religion long ago as a ‘spiritual need’ not sure it would catch on. Until soon of course when we cannot buy anymore. Having neither cash nor credit after October.

        EAT THE RICH

  2. Chrissie says:

    Random slogan ideas:
    – Money for wars, but not for the people/NHS/education?
    – NHS = Our Lives
    – NHS = Our Children’s Health
    – Cut the wars, not jobs!
    – Who are the real frauds in the UK?
    – Sack ATOS ‘Healthcare’!
    – Tax the banks!
    – Sack the Royals!
    – ‘The risk to your children – crumbling schools’

    Any actions need to get people to understand that politics is about their lives & their children’s lives, (& they like to think of themselves as ‘good parents’)…..something has to shake the TV-induced apathy.

  3. marie says:

    I think it would be helpful if you could somehow put us in touch with people in our own areas.Allowing us to organise and discuss the government cuts and what should be/could be done.

  4. Phoenix Toliman says:

    Please make the petition easier Plus some form so it can be posted onsocial networks. Would suggest you have a word with 38 degree. They have run many successful campaines.

  5. Celeste Bell says:

    I think we really need to coordinate action to coincide with the Europe-wide protests scheduled for the 29th of September. I also was interested to know if there were any members of the coaltion interested in land reform; more specifically a Land Value Tax.

    • Phoenix Toliman says:

      Think land reform is a brilliant idea. Laws for Common law land is terrible to. It seem the rich can do what ever they want at the expence of all of us. Just look at what large coperation get away with, Still destroying lives and land to fill there pockets. While the poor are the first to be prosecuted for a slight mister meaner. If these people are our example of how to be in society what hope is there for us.

  6. Martin says:

    Cameron’s attack on the welfare vulnerable is shocking but predictable, coming as it does from an Etonian Tory millionaire. But I can be sure Nick Clegg has some old liberals turning in their graves tonight for joining it. Utterly, unspeakably disgusting.

    Not sure this is useful but I use it in my workplace. When arguing with non union members. People who undermine Unions but still get their terms and conditions negotiated for free. Then go on to vociferously parrot out the ‘welfare scrounger’ squawk from the Daily Mail etc.

    ‘What’s the difference between a benefit cheat and a wages terms and conditions cheat?

    One is sometimes need, the other is always greed’.

    Does me good anyhow to see the red faces it produces.

  7. Ben Bamber says:

    Lobby the Lib Dems to break the coalition and force an election!

    • Neil says:

      Action, including the written and spoken word, must be concentrated on the lib dems! The Tories have been here before, and they are probably hard enough to ride out the storm: a bit like Millwall fans – “No one likes us – we don’t care!” The lib-dems, though, are the soft underbelly of the beast. They have managed over the years to remain reasonably if undeservedly popular, by appearing to be all things at the same time to different audiences. Liberals have always been the party of the clapometer, more afraid of being unpopular than of doing the wrong thing. This can be turned against them – leaflets reminding people that Clegg was the first to scream for “savage cuts” is a good start. And then there’s elections – their councillors’ organisation ALDC is a very big part of their party, far more important than the corresponding Labour or Tory ones. Some normal people stand for the local council in order to achieve things for our local communities. Lib dems aren’t like that – they have this obsession with “being a councillor” and often get quite hurt when the ungrateful electorate dare to vote in someone else. Inflicting casualties on Libdem councillors and local election candidates has an effect that defeating Tories and Labour candidates doesn’t (usually): it could knock an activist out of politics altogether due to denting their ego, and it could disrupt the Libdem party by causing ALDC to start complaining about their leadership’s coalition with the Tories. When you consider the number of councillors/ALDC members who attend Libdem conference, a relatively small number of local election defeats could start the process of making the Libdems question the coalition with the Tories, and bring about another election. Hopefully by then Labour will have a new leader and a “fighting programme” of reversing the cuts, making them worth voting (and working) for!

    • Anna Simmons says:

      That’s not a bad plan!

  8. Steve says:

    Following Ricky Tomlinson slogan ” Cuts My Arse”

  9. Considering the MP expense scandal was just in the news I think that Cameron and other MPs can be hit that way. Here are some suggestions for posters.

    Targeting benefit thieves

    MP expenses fraud - If you suspect it, report it.

  10. John Moore says:

    Let’s organise some massive ‘phone blockades. The Tory conference might be a good target. Let’s also blockade the fatcat tools of Cameron’s oppression such as Atos Healthcare (sickness & disability oppressor), A4e (unemployed oppressor) Experian (if it takes up the benefits credit checks scheme put forward by the cutters) If we can get national publicity for it, possibly by ‘leaking’ then all the better

  11. mobilize for the protest called by the Right To Work Campaign at the Tory Party Conference in Birmingham on October 3rd.

    • Of course we will do that. See you there. How’s NUS training going? 🙂

      • I know that I will see you there, Clare but what about the people who have responded enthusiastically to the letter? On the coalition’s website it does not mention the demonstration as a key event which people who are fed up with the cuts can go to if they want to be part of a collective body which challenges the beast directly at their conference.

  12. Robert Byford says:

    Perhaps it might be an idea to continuously challenge Clegg and Cameron to give a promise to the nation that the gender wage gap will not widen and that the wealth gap and income gap between the richest and the poorest will not widen.
    It is doubtful whether they will give the promise and it will help to illustrate that the are the coalition of the rich,

  13. Adrian Hernandez says:

    I recon there should be a Coalition of Common Sense :o) with focus also on Mental, Emotional and Spiritual well-being as it seems politically now days there is far to much emphasise on Financial Well-being.

  14. charlesdance says:

    I think on this site there should be a list with links to he already existing local campaigns, for example in my area (Haringey) a group has been up and running for a month or so ( and I know this to be the case in lots of parts of the country.

  15. dan says:

    Hi – don’t know if this will be of any use to you – I hold the copyright but it is open source so long as no money is made from its use. copy n distribute…

    Who’s to blame?

    We are the starving, the meek and the poor,
    We are the victims of your conflicts and wars.
    We are the people, struck down with the aids,
    A hidden surprise in the vaccines you gave.
    We are the children, that die ten a penny,
    Casualties of progress, for your world full of plenty.

    We are the homeless, you step over in the street,
    I’m that crazy ranting lady, who’s eyes you won’t meet.
    We are the youth, disenchanted and angry,
    With ASBO’s and hoodies and a disengaged family.
    We are the natives, whose water you soured,
    Whose trees you cut down, and land you devoured.
    We are the people, displaced from our lands,
    Because laws can be broken, for a corporation so grand.

    We are the creed, an entire race you’re erasing,
    With your illegal bombs filled with depleted uranium.
    But these weapons aren’t selective, yes your killing yourselves,
    All your soldiers, their wives, n their children as well.
    Because we are the cancer, that plagues your society,
    With diabetes and infertility, we gain notoriety.

    We are the workers, whose jobs were all lost,
    Because the Chinese can do it, for a far lesser cost.
    We are the victims, of your financial crash,
    Homes taken, bankrupted, and left scratching for cash.
    We are the people, who bailed out the banks,
    Are they ours? Do we own them? Did we get any thanks?
    No they continue to screw us, and charge for the service,
    The IMF, the World Bank, they have a sinister purpose.

    We’re not pointing the finger, or passing the blame,
    We don’t want your guilt, your pity or your shame,
    We don’t want your money, you’re so eager to lend,
    Because we won’t be indebted, or enslaved to your trends.
    We just want a playing field, that’s level and fair,
    To know the rules of the game, and to have an equal share.
    We just want the freedom, to live our lives as we please,
    To run our own country, and fish our own seas.

    So we’ll print our own currency, and choose our own leaders,
    And we’ll no longer stand, for the bullshit they feed us.
    We’ll grow our own food, and make our own diesel,
    And have no further dealings, with your corporate evil.
    We’ll take back what’s ours – the banks and the trains,
    Power companies, the roads, no more corporate gains.
    Your time it is nearing, through our struggles and pains,
    Because we are the people, and we’re tired of your games.

  16. Silver says:

    Boycott the Daily Mail and the Sun.The Liverpudlians boycotted the Sun over Hillsborough for years and finally got a apology.We should bot pay for Government Propaganda.Boycott the right wing press,when the money stops flowing then lets see who they support.

  17. Adrian Hernandez says:

    In regards to the idea of the “Coalition of Common Sense” greater communication among the protesters and political parties would be good as from what I see arguing compared to discussing only slows down the progress of the greater good and weakening the prosperity of the bad.

  18. Adrian Hernandez says:

    In my opinion politics should be about the greater good not the greater gain

    Example: Accepting money from the United Nations to take in refugees while there is a problem with over population

    “Fix one’s self before assisting others, Guidance I myself have finally started to follow”

  19. alf says:

    The problem is not over population, the problem is profit and the pursuance of profit at the expense of working people, the poor, the dispossed and the oppressed at a global level. The crisis we face is international and the solutions for our planet are international.

    The arguements re over population unfortunately have been used to defend racist immigration policies which attack the victims of this corrupt system rather than ensuring a redistribution of resources in a planned way to meet human needs.

  20. M Thompson says:

    As someone that suffered in the steel industry during Thatchers policies, and now as one of the Public Sector employees waiting for news of the cuts, there’s a worrying familiarity to the actions of these “neo Conservatives” already. Targeting benefits and the “unwealthy” I find unbelievable…..but here it comes and we’re having to live with it……all over again. The days of being advised to “get on your bike” to find work are certainly back, all of a sudden, with a vengeance. Thank goodness for people such as Tony Benn – who have a genuine affinity with and compassion for the Working Classes !

  21. nadim says:

    I think a call for the nationalisation of the banks under public control should be central, tax evasion and similar issues are just secondary and they can do something about them to fool the public without undermining the main structure through which they operate to carry out more attacks on working people. Unike the anti-war movement, this coalition should have a focal point and strategic goal otherwise it will dissipate with time…

  22. Coalition of Artists says:

    A coalition of artists, writers, film-makers, musicians, etc is arranging a series of region-wide events in the north east of England to coincide with the conference in London on November 27th. ‘Weapons of Mass Construction’ is the collective name of the events, and will include, live music gigs, exhibition of visual art, performance readings, screenings, etc.

    Prior to that, the organisers are holding a meeting on September 11th in Newcastle. All artists are welcome. If you are artist (of any creative discipline) living and/or working in north east England and you would like to get involved in the Coalition of Artists – email:

  23. Coalition of Artists says:

    We appreciate that this is a temporary site, but there are things you can do to improve it.

    1) London news and campaigns may be LOCAL to you, but not everyone is living in the south east. This is a NATIONAL campaign, right? Well, don’t alienate the vast majority of the country.

    2) List the regions and mention what activities are going on there, so people can see this is a national campaign and that they can get involved with events in their area.

  24. Kelly says:

    The one course of action that would scare George Osborne and the Government is a co-ordinated campaign of inaction, by that I mean commerical inaction, encouraging people to rein in their spending on non-essential goods i.e. don’t buy that plasma screen tv, put off that purchase of a new car, cancel that Sky subscription. The rhetoric from the Govt is that the private sector will replace all the jobs lost in the publc sector – that can’t happen if we organise a campaign of resistance to their products. Listen to Digby Jones on the Today programme last week. He said people shouldn’t worry, it wasn’t really 600,000 jobs that were being lost in the public sector because 300,000 of those would retire in the next two years, and he goes on to say we mustn’t get the mood music wrong and that of course people will be put off buying a new car if they believe that 600,000 people are going to loose their jobs (about 4mins into the clip). His message was that people should relax and continue to spend.

    Digby was being interviewed because an academic had posed the question: What is George Osborne’s plan B, in the event that the private sector did not grow?

    So a series of national days dedicated to non-spending, encouraging people to save not spend.

  25. Malcolm Parker says:

    Stop the shops – Most towns and cities now have a privately owned shopping centre in the middle, we should organise flashmobs to blockade entry to attached multi-story car parks and street entrances on Saturdays.

    Pin badges

    Disrupt the distribution of certain newspapers

  26. James says:

    1) London news and campaigns may be LOCAL to you, but not everyone is living in the south east. This is a NATIONAL campaign, right? Well, don’t alienate the vast majority of the country.

    2) List the regions and mention what activities are going on there, so people can see this is a national campaign and that they can get involved with events in their area.

    The “local” section includes activities from inside and outside London – it covers everything aimed at those in a particular local area, rather than big national events, so Brighton’s meeting (for instance) is there.

    As we get more stuff in from around the country, it wouldn’t be bad idea to divide it up by region, though.

  27. Surely one of the most important things we have to do is to get the Labour party to announce that they will re-nationalise whatever parts of the NHS Lansley will privatise?

    We need to get the next leader of the Labour party to say that all the hospitals and community services that become “social enterprises” under Lansley’s plans would be taken back under public ownership under Labour.

    We also need to make the private sector health companies realise that their contracts with the NHS will expire on the first day of a new Labour government and that there would be no buy-out of their assets (as happened with the truly awful Independent Sector Treatment Centre programme). The private sector must be put on notice that their windfall will only last the duration of this despicable government and the next will return healthcare provision back into public hands.

    It is OUR NHS and Lansley has no mandate to privatise it.

  28. gemma says:

    Some ideas

    Any campaign has to be strategic, slogans are good but our aim has to drive the slogans not the other way round. We also have to not just react to events but to plan short and medium term goals. My suggestion:

    1. We have to show up the ConDems reasoning for the cuts as purely ideological, then
    2. Show how these ideologically driven cuts are actually going to damage the economy and our long-term chances of recovery, then
    3. Provide viable alternatives (such as Labour’s plan for 2011-14) and link in campaigns such as the Robin Hood Tax, Tax Justice, and clamping down on the wealthy’s benefit fraud (via tax evasion).

    This would all have to be clear and easy to understand, with the underlying theme that “We did not cause this crisis, we will not pay for it”. We would then need a series of ASKs – e.g. “why are you not taking steps to close down tax havens to recoup the estimated 120billion lost each year yet are taking school meals off chldren?” but more specific and locally focused too – keep RDA’s, institute a Robin Hood Tax, etc.

    Then we need huge public pressure. I am imagining posters and a huge viral campaign where people can upload pictures of themselves (especially teachers nurses, policemen, public sector) amongst the slogans “I did not cause this crisis – I will not pay for it”.

    Anyway, thats my 2cents for now.

  29. Bolshy says:

    I wrote this a while ago, and if you can get any use out of it please do.

    Never forget Orgreave!

    Doff thy cap in mirth and spittle
    Wretched female of comparable cake
    Sing not hymn of woe
    Grate your teeth for the coming foe

    Once a great land of working men
    Shamed for being odious of change
    Nought that this was recent sent
    Given it was not to prevent

    Our home our work was a charring cry
    Leave us be we will get by
    Hang our heads you cannot make
    Our love for here this will not shake

    Climb that steeple yonder for
    Seek with eyes that is no more
    Long since gone but never forgotten
    Land once mined hardly trodden

    Ever see the worker there
    Not now hast bygone care
    She sits upon the foreign chair
    Whittled and old loathed most fair

    A miner said with caution wind
    There our jobs finally binned
    Gone was work and replaced with strife
    Divorce that came for man and wife

    Ever be from Yorkshire pits
    She cackled in revulsion fits
    Let them slumber for they are creed
    Walked upon a field all weed

    She spites us now for not being gone
    Will it be time that takes is wrong
    She who is but cannot be
    Works her witchery on those don’t see

    Not one clever man has come to help
    That is a legacy of who will whelp
    Ma’am we wait as time goes on
    For your last breath to swill anon

    Sorry for thee we will never be
    Open your eyes and let yourself see
    Wronged you were not by any soul
    Calf nor cow nor deer nor foal

    Our contempt in our eyes will never wane
    Nought for nothing we suffered pain
    Vex and ire we cried so hard
    For all our land you did discard

    Weep not, yell not, cry in anger subdue
    Whilst remember we must do
    The day that cometh as it will
    Be quite, be calm, an ignore her quill

    Let that vileness raise to the ground
    Bury her deep never to be found
    Ignore the call to memory seek
    Ignore, ignore her as history wreak

    She will be gone and had not joy
    As iron rusts they build brass foil
    Use it not as worship called
    Doff cap and spit as once appalled

    Wipe thy mouth and gritted teeth
    Clench no more, no more to seethe
    Hear that toll ring loud around
    Gone forever her blackened cloud

    Written by Will Rhodes © 2008

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