Also from Can’t Pay Won’t Pay rally are speeches by:
Caroline Lucas MP (Greens)
John Rees (Counterfire)
Penny White (cabin crew union BASSA)
Christos Giovanopoulos (Greek radical left)
Paul Mackney (former General Secretary, NATFHE).
Shanna Caughey (Save Middlesex Philosophy)
Clare Solomon (President University of London Union – ULU)
Aris Vasilopoulos (Greek radical left)
Michael Bradley (Right to Work)

9 Responses to “Videos”
  1. Kate says:

    Good work on the temporary website, but I find the music distracting when listening to the videos of speeches

  2. John Pearce says:

    Excellent Speech by Mr Benn!

  3. Martin says:

    Whatever our politics Tony Benn is a brilliant speaker still. Amazing stuff from the heart. As I happen to agree wih him 100% I find the story and analogy about ‘the rope’ inspiring.

    As I did a quote of his years ago.

    ‘We are in a Lifeboat. We have one loaf of bread. We can fight over it. We can barter it. Or we can share it’

    Put like that I have yet to find anybody on the ‘Lifeboat’ we live in who can find fault in the logic of that.

    Solidarity comrades

  4. Anna Simmons says:

    how’s about this vid for an introductory critique of the ideology behind the cuts:

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