Do you have skills to offer the campaign?

Any campaign needs a whole host of things to get it going and to sustain it.

Whatever you think you can offer; ideas, advice, technical, design or whatever else you can think of, do so…here

This site is a temporary site. At the conference people will decide the slogans to use, what colours, design and so on…but do feel free to comment in the meantime and offer up suggestions.

130 Responses to “Do you have skills to offer the campaign?”
  1. Rhydian Fôn James says:

    I have skills as both an economist, writer, Welsh political campaigner and a disability campaigner.

  2. Fay Knight says:

    I live in Derby, so I don’t know if there are any local coalition groups in my area who could use some help?
    I’m an experienced secretary/PA, currently out of work thanks to the tory spending cuts, so I’d be glad to help in any way I can.
    In addition to the routine secretarial work/diary management, etc, I have also had some previous experience at organising/co-ordinating conferences within the NHS – if that would be any use?

    • Richard Woodward says:

      I live in Long Eaton, am currently unemployed, and am experienced in political campaigning/research. I would love to become involved in any regional activity in the East Midlands.

  3. George Disney says:

    My technical skills lie in looking at and analysing data (currently completing a social science MSc)

    Politically I have worked as a constituency organiser and caseworker for a Labour MP so am acutely aware of people’s everyday experience of public services and their engagement with the democratic process.

    I am very good at constructing a political argument and often feel that journalists and politicians do not do a good enough job at rigorously interrogating the Coalition government. They are being let off the hook too often – this something I determined to help to stop.

    My above experiences/skills leave me well equipped to give both analytical and strategic clout in taking on the Liberals and the Tories. I finish my degree in a few weeks and would be more than happy to help in the meantime, when I can, and full time from when my degree ends.


  4. I have been tracking the Tory attack on the NHS since January 2010, all of the information can be found on my website

    I urge all those of you who want to discover the true horror of what the Tories will do to our precious NHS to read my site. My analysis of the NHS White Paper starts here.

    I am a writer and public speaker. I am willing to do anything I can to stop this wanton vandalism of our NHS.

    The NHS is ours. It is not theirs to sell.

  5. Glad to help, anyway I can. How about some crossover with the EU wide 29 September event?

  6. P Hughes says:

    Because many people who join up won’t be able to travel down to London or far from home due to financial and health constraints for example it would be a really good idea at the conference to set up as many regional subdivisions as you can so eveyone who wants to participate can. It would have been a good idea and is still possible I guess if some sort of protests/awareness campaign could be targeted at the party political conferences coming up in September – as I’m sure many people want their voices to be heard as soon as possible and what better way than through the conferences.

    If you’re looking for online campaigners to write letters etc you can my husband in. His name is David Bargh and his e.mail address is

    Good luck and thank you for making my day – I’ve been waiting and hoping that something like this would evolve. Many thanks.

    • Ben Singleton says:

      I particularly agree about the regional sub-divisions! This can’t be another London-centric ‘let’s have a rally now and again but never acheive anything’ group. This requires genuine grassroots organisation.

  7. Sue Appleby says:

    am offering my suport and help I am a rep with unite and am a TU tutor anything will do

  8. Giselle Leeb says:

    Photography, digital video and web design skills.

  9. johnpaul cooper says:

    i am an artist.
    i offer my demented drawing skills to your campaign if you require them for any reason, do not hesitate to ask.

  10. Dan Waters says:

    I don’t know what I can do to help, but I want to do something.
    My work is in video post production and website stuff. I can offer my expertise and use of equipment.

    • Rich Ridings says:

      Can offer voice over and possibly music tracks……. what about a video stream from the conference? I do agree i think sooner the better. These vandals mean business.

      Also immediate link up with Facebook group 38 degrees would yield hundreds of new members.

  11. melanie says:

    Currently I am an unemployed business studies teacher qualified to teach in the post 16 sector. I specialise in marketing with particular interest in how marketing can be used to promote social and environmental causes. My Grandfather Mr Leslie Thompson was an active union member and the District Secretary for the Engineering workers (AUEW) in Swindon until he retired. I want to help in anyway I can so please get in touch.
    Thank you
    Melanie Cheeseman

  12. Melanie says:

    Currently I am an unemployed business studies teacher qualified to teach in the post 16 sector. I specialise in marketing with particular interest in how marketing can be used to promote social and environmental causes. My Grandfather Mr Leslie Thompson was an active union member and the District Secretary for the Engineering workers (AUEW) in Swindon until he retired. I want to help in anyway I can so please get in touch.
    Thank you

  13. Jez MacDonald says:

    Hi. I am a web developer – happy to help out if I can.

  14. David Wheeler says:

    Let me know how I can help.

  15. Mehrdad Nazemi says:

    Web and related IT skills
    Translation from / to English, Spanish, Persian

  16. Philip Barrow says:

    Good luck with this. To influence and bring about sea change, it needs a broader church, including respected business leaders, journalists, economists and celebrities. It will need the utmost care to avoid political ideologies of the far left from squaring up to those of the far right. There will only be one winner to that fight. Not only will it fail, it will bring discredit to the aim of mobilising public sentiment and a successful outcome. Afghanistan and nuclear weapons have nothing to do with this in the same way that repairing the deficit has nothing to do with unwinding the welfare state. This is a political orthodoxy exploiting a window of opportunity under camouflage. The public will not accept that orthodoxy, but they will accept the smokescreen. Please keep the campaign focused and simple. It needs protagonists who aren’t encumbered by their own ideologies. I am not a socialist, but I believe that what the government is doing and the way it is doing it is dangerous, will cause profound strife and will damage our society for generations to come. Why the government has focused on the poor is lost on me. It’s a very ugly policy.

  17. Hi there I’m a filmmaker and creative working with major household names, including the NSPCC, Cancer Research, Doctors Without Borders and many others. I’d love to help in whatever way I can.

  18. Sam Wood says:

    I’d just like to say I support this campaign fully, I’m a photographer and an artist, if there is anything I can do let me know!


  19. I am a sound designer and composer, working mostly in theatre. Member of BECTU union. Member of Labour Party.
    I am not sure to what extent my skills would be useful but please ask if I appear to be useful.

  20. daniel jones says:

    I have a range of ICT skills, including design, GIS and remote sensing. I also have a good grasp of research (post graduate – science) and the production of official documents. Hope this may be of some help.


  21. If you like it – you are welcome to print this poem anywhere on your website/literature to support the campaign.

    Keeping the Wolf from the Door

    I cant afford a house of bricks.
    We’ve moved into a house of sticks.
    The landlord prowls around outside
    demanding rent, while we, inside
    count every copper penny spare
    to keep us in, and him, out there.

    The people that moved in next door
    are unemployed now.
    Their dwelling is a house of straw.
    The housing benefit they claim
    is often paid late, and yet the blame
    falls squarely at their worried feet.
    The landlord says: he has to eat;
    they pay, then go without themselves
    with empty cupboards, empty shelves
    and shoeless kids; while this whole nation
    hinges on administration;
    and still the landlord salivates
    and counts his shares and sits and waits.

    That big bad wolf is getting badder
    climbing up the housing ladder
    takes second homes in country towns
    & while speculating, he looks down
    on those who live off half a cup –
    he wants house prices to go up.

    Young folk with nowhere
    and nothing doing –
    who live on nerves all racked with ruin
    six months lets and huge deposits
    rooms some do not get because it
    takes more cash than they can earn
    while overdrafts flare up and burn
    and fires of anxiety blaze with stress –
    no job – no cash -then no address

    while one percent of our population
    own 70 percent of this great nations
    rented landscape and location –
    monopolies on accommodation:

    do not pass go if you do not own
    the deeds and debits of your home
    while politics blow house of straw
    and curse the homeless and the poor
    who will be next – me- or next door?

    So we hold fast to house of sticks
    while others slave to own each brick
    mortgaged to mortar unto death
    and for as long as wolves prowl –
    We all hold our breath.

    ©Lucy Lepchani

  22. Over the last decade, the anti-war movement has brought together an impressive coalition of voices and has mobilized millions to protest in a way never before seen in British political history. Tony Benn, who signed your letter to the Guardian, is the President of the Stop the War Coalition, and the leading lights of the Coalition were all among the signatories to that letter. We are School Students affiliated to Stop the War who are determined to echo the radical fighting spirit of the anti-war movement. the coming cuts will hit school students hard, and we want to work closely with trade unions and anyone willing to stand up for the jobs and services communities rely on, in order to put a powerful message that says cuts war and Trident rather than schools and hospitals.

    Together with Stop the War, we are beginning to organize in schools across the country. We would be grateful for your support and in return hope to encourage a new generation of anti-war activists to stand up against the cuts and put an anti-war alternative.

    Please drop us a line at the email address above.

    We look forward to working together. In solidarity,

    Barnaby Raine
    School Students Against War
    Stop the War Coalition

  23. Daniel Durcan says:

    Labour candidate for local council 2007
    Head of campiagns membership and publicity for Hull University Labour Club 2007
    Research/Parliamentary Assistant to Andy Love MP 2008-2009
    Campaign manager for Hull Free Education Network president candidate for Hull University Union
    Currently Unemployed

  24. Kev Harper says:

    I’m an illustrator and cartoonist based in Glasgow and more than happy to help.

  25. Geraldine Mitchell says:

    I am a retired Educational Psychologist happy to help in any way that would be useful. So glad you are doing this. I have been shocked at the unmandated nonsense that has occured since the election.These inexperienced self interested puppets are dangerous on the world stage, for our economy and for societal values. How dare they say these changes are permanent. Lets show how ‘permanent’ one is in politics if you over step the mark.

  26. libby barnes says:

    I am English but living in spain where the so called socialist government has introduced savage cuts in public sector pay.
    how about linkiing with other resistance movements in europe and building a europe wide campaign, co-ordinating days of action, national strikes etc. This is totally possible now in the age of internet.

  27. Hi,

    I am a political activist, blogger and a member of a local Transition Towns group in Durham City. My primary concerns are political scandals/cover-ups, economic and monetary reform as well as environmental and energy issues. I’ve written about these issues on my blog as well as written to MP’s and independent politicians.

    My biggest current suggestion to the Coalition Of Resistance is to spread awareness about monetary reform (as proposed by the Money Reform Party and their Bank Of England Act) in order to end our debt-based monetary system. I am not a member of that political party, but I do subscribe to the idea that our monetary system should not be based on debt, and that it should indeed be under public/democratic control.

    I also stress the grave situation in which we find ourselves in when it comes to energy issues. The financial crisis has been linked to peaks in production of cheap oil, and many authoritative voices have informed us of a coming global oil shortage in 2015. I think awareness of energy-descent issues, transitioning to a low-carbon lifestyle, community planning and libertarian socialist thinking are all important contributions I can make to your group.

    Feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

    Kind regards,

    Hossein Turner.

  28. Can offer help with building for the conference. Can publicise locally, leaflet, petition and promote through local Trades Council, union branch and local anti-cuts campaign. Can help with phone calls, letter writing, posting and stuffing envelopes, any practical help. Can advise on local cuts and activity.

  29. tony zimnoch says:

    I’m not sure what skills i might have that would be useful. I only work 2 days a week, so I have TIME to give!

  30. Rob Dunster says:

    Please tell me more of planned peaceful protests and activities her e in Warwickshire and natioanlally.

  31. Colin Ward says:

    I worked in broadcast tv as a director/producer, I have my own filming and editing equipment. I’m based in Bradford, Yorkshire. I am also a published writer.

  32. My expertise is in corporate PR and reputation management for over twenty years.

  33. Richard says:

    I am a musician and film maker So I could help with making a film to get the message out there

  34. Doug Bebb says:

    I’m a web editor / writer. I’d be more than happy to help with any of your online communications and marketing. Just give me the nod and I’ll be there.

  35. Matt Owen says:

    I am a freelance/writer journalist, and i have time on my hands. Let me know if i can help.

  36. Jill Ebrey says:

    I have writing and campaigning skills and would be more than willing to use them in this campaign. I am based in Manchester

  37. John Kaye says:

    I have skills in Data Analysis, including Geographic Information Systems. I also work in a very large social science academic library, so can easily access many information resources in my free time.

  38. Andy Von Pip says:

    I’ll help , blogging raising awareness etc , just shout

  39. I have set up a very basic page to collect email signatures automatically and allow people to subscribe/unsubscribe. It is available immediately if you need it and the addresses can be exported easily to a different system. It might be a useful placeholder at least.

    Let me know if you want to use it. You can see it here:

    Revolutionarily yours, D

  40. Jill Ebrey says:

    I first posted that we should campaign across Europe. I should have said globally. That is most important…

  41. Derek Bunce says:

    Hoping to stand as a Labour candidate in the local council elections in 2011 and have been a political activist for over 30 years. Able to help do anything from setting up a group, speaking at events, folding leaflets, writing press releases or any other activity as required.

    I’ll be at the conference and hoping we will have a huge turnout.

  42. A. E. Russell says:

    I can offer basic technical assistance in video collating / evidence gathering. As well as layman experience of aggressive entrapment methods used by Police officers against peaceful protesters. (Political activity is being criminalized). Won’t give anymore detail here, but I’m up for Resistance.

  43. Helen Benians says:

    I am a London based photographer. I am planning on attending the conference & would be happy to help out with photography or in any other way with general assistance, handing our leaflets etc.

  44. Hilary Hubbard says:

    I’m a currently employed social worker in Southampton (but maybe not for long!) I’ll do anything I can to help!

  45. Libby Heaney says:

    I am currently a post-doc in theoretical physics at Oxford University. I am very happy to help in any way possible, whether with analytical/mathematical/computer-based skills, or just in general.

  46. Kevin Joss says:

    Hi – I am a Trade Union steward in local government, and can write good ‘copy’. I also have experience of organising and managing public events. Let me know what you want me to do.

    Stand up now!

  47. K. Brown says:

    Filmmaker with writing skills. I also write and record music. Happy to help in any way.

  48. Sonia Lovett says:

    Television director – happy to help

  49. I live in Greece for 20 years and speak/read Greek fluently so I can provide updates on how people here are challenging the IMF/EU/ECB sponsored reforms. Also I am a semi-pro photographer,

    Greece is now in the austerity hot seat

    and have done a fair bit of citizen journalism and blogging.

    and poster design

    MP expenses - Why pay at all?
  50. I have lived in Greece for 20 years and speak/read Greek fluently so I can provide updates on how people here are challenging the IMF/EU/ECB sponsored reforms. Also I am a semi-pro photographer,

    Greece is now in the austerity hot seat

    and have done a fair bit of citizen journalism and blogging.

    and poster design

    MP expenses - Why pay at all?

    PS can you please delete the previous comment with its typos.

  51. Sam Jones says:

    I work in online PR. I can help spread the message!

  52. Lisa Holdsworth says:


    I’m a TV writer. Not much use but if there is anything.

    Lisa H

  53. Kali Tammik says:

    I have a very new small group based in glastonbury, Power of the People facebook group
    I write for www. which I have already posted an article to , getting the news out into international waters etc.
    I have organised protest demonstrations in the past , Anti-war demo which had local radio, t.v and newspaper coverage.
    Good at logistics and P.R through experience in adventure travel company, the first to have Yeti insurance for those that rememeber the spin.
    I am interested in helping in anyway I can . Think it may be an idea to have local branches of which I would be more than willing to run the south west of England branch

  54. Ben Singleton says:

    Currently unemployed but:-

    MA Trade Union Studies from Ruskin College
    BA Politics from Lancaster Uni

    So, obviously the knowledge, research skills, analytical skills, etc from that but perhaps more importantly I’ve been a constituency campaigner for the Labour Party during the general election as well as a long-standing labour activist, trade unionist, anti-fascist as well as campaigning about just about everything from manufacturing plant closures to education cuts whilst I was a student.

    Currently based in the North-West if people are planning to organise on a regional basis.

  55. Aaron Crowley says:

    Im glad to help in anyway i can i live in west london uxbridge and ive trained in the discapline of parkour for 3 years now which is all about training your mind and body to overcome any obstacle in your path be it physical or mental and with that i have a hd video camera and use it to film occasionaly so i could be some help in that way.

  56. Kit Johnson says:


    Willing and able to offer whatever help I can and would like to echo the need for localised hubs for those unable to travel to participate.

    I’m currently president of Ruskin Students’ Union – on return to college I intend to push for the RSU to get behind this campaign and offer what support we can as a group.

    I currently have a fair bit of spare time until term begins in October and would be delighted to spend a good chunk of it on assisting this campaign through writing and distribution of campaign materials.

    I also happen to live not at all far from George Osborne’s second home in Cheshire – I would love to see a sustained protest near his home. Anyone else interested in this idea please get in touch. Let’s bring the ramifications of his cuts to his doorstep as well as ours!

    Many thanks,

    Kit Johnson

    • Ben Singleton says:


      Good to see a familiar name volunteering! Get hold of the local Labour Party organiser Tom Watts (Van can give you details) and harass him to get involved. I’ve mentioned it to him already so keep bugging him.

      Also, Ian Manborde (MA ILTUS course convenor) used to have a group at Ruskin called the Trade Union Defense Liason Committee during the 80s when similar things were afoot. A short conversation with him would probably be good.

      Ben Singleton

      • Ellie says:

        I live in Merseyside and am currently trying to get a local hub for the CoR together. Shouldn’t be hard in Liverpool! Anyway, I would be very happy to protest outside George Osborne’s second home, and I’m sure I could find a lot of others to join me!

        Tony Benn once said that democracy is the ability to end a regime without killing anyone. I want us to come together and use our democratic voices to say no to this government’s agenda. We are human beings; our lives have value. The services they are destroying are ours, and we must fight for them.

      • Ellie, we’ve had someone else contact us saying they live on Osborne’s street! I’ll dig that person out and put them in touch with you. Although, we’ve had literally THOUSANDS of responses so it may take a while…

        Speak soon. Nudge me if I forget 🙂

  57. Seán McGovern says:


    Once they have stripped us all of DLA,
    Then they’ll take our care packages away;
    Next they’ll debar us from Access to Work,
    Because it’s just another disability perk.

    I’m wondering then just how I will strive,
    To look after myself, or even to stay alive;
    How will I shower, get dry and then dress,
    As for toileting; that’ll just end up a mess.

    What a sight I’ll be should I get to my job,
    Dirty and undressed looking a like slob;
    Covered in talc in hope that I can quench,
    What can only be described an awful stench.

    It won’t be long before I’m given the sack,
    “That’s the way out; and, don’t come back”;
    At the JobCentre I’ll explain my inability,
    To look after myself because of disability.

    A DWP officer will quickly glance at my file,
    And, with soulless eyes and a built-in smile,
    Reads me a worn-out script lacking any wit,
    Which disqualifies me from all state benefit.

    On the street in my chair; has it come to this,
    Alone, without money looking into the abyss;
    And, down in that chasm staring back at me,
    A future that can only promise more misery.

    So Osborne, Cameron and the rest of you toffs,
    Look into this chasm where all your caste offs,
    Lie broken on the wheels of neo-liberal greed,
    Because people like you put profits before need.

    • You frame my future so well. I need to empty my bladder every 20minutes and my bowels when they feel like it and my head cannot concentrate for more than half an hour when i get so tired i cannot function.
      I don’t think they will try and find work for me but i just don’t know. They spent two years trying to convince me to end my business and claim benefits when my income collapsed, so I know I cannot work any more even with a masters degree – which i don’t have the mind to use any more.
      These are truly dark ages — to all those lib dems and tories – what is wrong with you? Are you all really just selfish to the point of arrogance?
      Unfortunately, I don’t have the energy to fight too hard, probably why they are picking on us disabled folk.

  58. Kerry Flett says:

    I’m a student at St Andrews, and though I don’t have many skills to give I’m willing to to what I can to help. This can’t go on-we have to stop it, or at least stop its worst excesses! I can write, I can research and I’ve become involved in the SNP (I was the secretary of the SNP society here until recently).
    @Philip Barrow: We do need to avoid making this an ideological battle, definitely; this is about making sure the poor and vulnerable are taken care of, and hopefully that is something people will be able to relate to. It’s the politics of the thing that’s turned people off from activism in the first place!

  59. Deborah Lee says:

    I am a Lincolnshire-based photographer and graphic designer, able to offer print layouts, etc.

  60. David Cameron says:

    I can offer my skills in totally f*cking up the country and selling it off to the highest bidder so that me and my Bullingdon pals can continue to quaff champagne at your expense. Caviar anyone?

  61. Celeste Bell says:

    I am a musician, writer and language teacher. I am British but I currently living in Madrid. I speak Spanish and would love to help cover the strikes and protests planned here in September. My contract with Spain’s largest language school has just been ‘terminated’ as I am by law now entitled to a permanent contract. I fully understand the nature of the beast (corporate capitalism) and would love to help in any way possible.

  62. Leni Farrer says:

    Want to help. I am in South Wales. How do we link up with others in our area?

    I would be interested in setting up group email for first contacts – help us to coordinate local action – collect evidence etc.

  63. Professional Filmmaker. Good contact base with many other film + video professionals. With the recent plans for the closure of the UK Film Council I’m very sure many would be willing to provide services, including myself.

  64. Elliott Gazdula says:

    I Live in the town of Darwen, Lancashire. Currently a student studying A-Level Politics, Sociology and Business.
    I have done political campaigning in the past e.g.- knocking on doors and posting leaflets. I have done do a lot of community work including running a community clean up group myself. I’ve also organised/ been apart of event organisation such as the St George’s day 2010 for my town.

  65. blanco says:

    I’m very good at running up the public deficit to such a high level that others who come after me will have to clean up the mess I left. I’m also very good at pointless “resistance”, that has worked so well over the last 7 years since Labour took us into Iraq.

  66. GP/doctor activist, Keep Our NHS Public Steering committee member. Public speaking/ debating/ expert advice etc. More info on blog.

  67. Robert Smith says:

    Hi I’m on disability benefits and think it is likely the new work capability assessment will leave many of us struggling to cope, it has pushed me over the edge mentally already once this summer. The hateful rhetoric towards benefit claimants and public sector workers is shocking.

    I produced a website named Tired Eyes (for a mental health charity Open Up in partnership with Time To Change and MIND). It shows, throughout the centuries, how vulnerable people are consistently vilified as ‘lazy’ or ‘work-shy’, leading to mass hate crimes.

    There are some useful statistics and graphs I put together using OECD data, that dispute the right-wing propaganda about benefit claimants. And I also highlight class prejudice.

  68. Bob Mason says:

    I’ve no skills I can offer but as I am one of the workshy disabled who only worked for 35 years from the age of 15 in the construction industry. I think it would be a good idea to personalize the issue and collate the personal stories of the people who are affected by the cuts. I would be willing to send in mine it will help. All of these people have mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers and if all these people can be mobilized even if it’s only them signing a petition any action can help.

    • Elly Badcock says:

      Hi Bob,
      I think your idea of collating people’s personal stories for the campaign is totally fantastic. Can you get in touch with me at or skype elly.badcock to discuss this idea further?
      All the best,

  69. Archibald Hewitson-Davies says:

    I am a freelance leftist activist ninja, with a side-line in graphic design and car-washing. I am a nomad (by which I mean I live wherever the police don’t bother moving me on from) and can travel anywhere provided I can hitchhike (I have to hide my collection of swords and remove most of the piercings from my face otherwise most nonprogressive drivers won’t stop for me). I have been been brought up to work for the Left for most of my life; my father was a miner and union member and once changed money into roubles so he could pretend to all the other miners that he was in the pay of the KGB, and I spent my childhood learning to scrounge for things without actually earning them and blaming Margaret Thatcher for things that occurred in 1905, so I consider myself a pro. I am a confident and skilful public speaker; there are numerous videos on YouTube of me hurling abuse at Nick Griffin outside the BBC in London. You can spot me by my hammer and sickle T-shirt, white boot laces and nine-inch mohawk. I’m confident I can bring many skills to the campaign, not least the ability to hoy a brick at a copper from 100m and run away fast or to turn a small ruck into a bloody good riot. Unfortunately the pigs have had my fingerprints from the age of 13 so I will have to wear gloves; I’ve had eight more piercings since then so they won’t recognise me from my photo.

  70. Fred says:

    I am a teacher so I can communicate the ideals behind this movement. Otherwise I am willing to do whatever is needed to stop these cuts. This could include leafleting and making people aware that their voice is important.

  71. I don’t know what I can do because I have severely disabling MS, but I expect to suffer much indignity from this bunch of self serving idiots we have in power. We live in a country where people look after each other, qand not one where the needy must beg for help. The Beg Society is back, and although the effort will probably send me to Dignitas with stress induced degenration of my MS, I fear this will happen anyhow when the ConDems get their ways.
    So what I can do is ask anyone reading this, if you haven’t joined us, please do. Otherwise we will go back to Victorian Britain, with all it’s crime and social degradation. Maybe we need that to remind ourselves what we fought for in the war, but I hope not.
    We are still a very rich country, so we can afford our social services. The arguments about efficiencies are reasonable but they do not require abolition of services, just a bit of thought.
    So, if you wish to accelerate my progress to Dignitas, then do nothing, otherwise, support this campaign now!
    We ignore these charmless nerks at our collective peril, rich or poor!

  72. Reuben says:

    I co-edit The Third Estate ( I can do a bit of web design and am handy with wordpress. I am good at selling papers, and have done a bit of event organising. I am based in Turnpike Lane, North London and am starting a History PHD at King’s College London in September

  73. Carol Ackroyd says:

    I’m mother of a young man with learning disabilities who relies on benefits and community care.

    I work in commissioning of (mainly) community care services

  74. I have web site design skills and broadcast / video production skills.

  75. Angela Green says:

    I can contribute my knowledge a welfare benefits caseworker.

  76. Paul says:

    Hi. I work in graphics – graphical production, image manipulation , typesetting, illustration etc. Glad to help if I can….

  77. satya says:

    Not until November? I mean, pardon??

    So this is just another data collection point for MoD then? Do please bear in mind their findings on the middle class being the next revolutionaries.

    To Messrs Benn, Pliger, Lucas et al – allow people personal sovereignty, freedom of expression etc etc to decide for themselves how to act. Oh and please ensure the military will be on the side of the people when the crunch comes – as it surely will, one way or another. The problem is that the ‘enemies’ you have focussed upon are the paymasters of all those who have been brainwashed to think that public order is higher aspiration than truth, AND HAVE THE WEAPONRY TO ENFORCE THAT STANCE and protection of the banksters.

    Otherwise it will end up just like the aftermath of the miner’s strike – more repression, more centralised control, more grip by the 13 Evil Families and their second tier organisations, their third tier public figures, their fourth tier Monarch victims – you know who they are and why ‘WE’ can never overcome them until a majority understands and addresses their basis of power, head on.

    How can you ever overcome the present evils without specifically identifying and _arresting_ the core INDIVIDUALS driving the present insanity?

    Answer all these points positively then yes, you would be steering an effective resistance to tyranny. All else is just more misery for the disenfranchised. Leaving your first meeting until November strikes me as utterly futile in face of the very strong likelihood of global war and gulf stream destruction well before then.

    Finally, bear in mind what just happened to Edward ‘Chris Story’ Harle – an unsung hero, RIP. His is no isolated case.

  78. John Brissenden says:

    I worked in public relations for 16 years, and now research and teach about it. Happy – no, eager – to help spread the word!

  79. Joe Finer says:

    I know how the Conference event (or any other event) can be broadcast live on the internet.. A link to the live broadcast can be embedded on the campaign website (or any other website). Edited recordings can be uploaded to Youtube and elsewhere.

    This would require a small team:

    a video cameraperson with computer and a stable interet connection to film at the event.

    a presenter who introduces the programme and can provide a commentary if desired

    a tv studio manager

    Thestudio is virtual i.e. is operated from a computer. The studio manager and the presenter could broadcast the event from either the Camden Centre or from separate remote locations.

  80. Liz Carney says:

    Employment lawyer

  81. Deborah Robinson says:

    I work in a HEI and have some expertise as an educationalist interested in Initial Teacher Education and Inclusion, areas in which I teach and research; I will help in any way I can because of my deep fears for the future of education; the coalition’s policies seem unformed and threaten to destroy the progress that has been made in securing greater harmony between the state, teachers and the research community. I’ll help in any way I can,

  82. I Have skills in podcasting, recording, editing, hosting etc. If that is of any use, please do not hesitate to come to me.

  83. i live in Liverpool and i am a documentary film maker, film editor and photographer. I would love to put my skills to some use here

    • Ellie says:

      I’m posting generally, but I’m leaving a reply for you, Joann.

      I am also based in Liverpool and my skills lie in writing – copyrighting, editing, and creative writing. I also have a lot of marketing experience, and as such am fairly well-connected in Liverpool. I am trained in a lot of publishing programmes – especially Adobe Indesign. Joann, I think our skills might complement each other, so if you’re interested in working together to organise something in Liverpool for the Coalition of Resistance, I would be happy to team up. Same goes for any other Liverpool / Merseyside people reading this.

  84. Tamsin says:

    Admin, logistics, proof/edit, writing, design, film-making/production and event organising. Top-class organiser and good on the phone.

    Will do anything I can to help.

  85. Maria Shipka says:

    I want to express my deep appreciation for this resistance action. I would like this ideas spread all across my home country Slovakia and so I would like to ask if it is some part of preparation or coordination centre in the international all Europe measures , where we could get some instructions, coordination… and so on.
    I would like first learn more about coalition and then start build an website, translation od important documents and looking for people who will collaborate on this task.

  86. Kenny says:

    Hi, I’m a graphic designer with marketing and IT skills, based in Scotland. Happy to help.

  87. nicole mccauley says:

    im young and im learning to be active

  88. David Dawkins says:

    I’m a poet and here is a piece I have specially commissioned for you to be used free of charge.

    I thought I had a pension
    But I must ha’ been mistaken
    For I haven’t got a pension
    Cos every pennys just been taken
    By Brown Brown Brown Brown
    That stupid thieving one eyed clown

  89. Hi, I am a writer and arts practitioner currently juggling a little freelance journalism, the odd art gallery talk and first-time motherhood. I am deaf and have been keeping a blog ever since my baby was diagnosed with cerebral palsy:

    I’m sure I am not alone in expressing my concerns over how the cuts will impact on my daughter’s long-term wellbeing. She is an absolutely delightful little girl who does not deserve to have her vital quality of life threatened. I’d be more than happy to use my blog to rally support and help draw traffic to the campaign.

    I also have skills in public speaking and TV reporting and would be able to attract new audiences that others can’t reach.

  90. Steph Pike says:

    I’m a political performance poet. I’m happy to help in any way I can including performing at events etc.

  91. Isabel says:

    I am an artist, singer songwriter and poet. I work with disabled people and carers. I will sing and perform poetry for free in events organised by this coalition. I can lend a hand with other things to, tell others, stuff envelopes and other things. x

  92. Ben LeGrys says:

    Accessible Events organising experience & BSL interpreting

  93. LJ says:

    Unfortunately many people will wish to sign, but will be unable to since unless one uses outlook express they are unable to sin. A slight alteration needs to be made to the signing page to allow others, who use other mail systems such as hotmail or gmail ect. to be able to sign.

    • LJ says:

      My skills, Multimedia BSC , had to leave in final semester to nurse my father with terminal cancer. Web design , hubby is Dutch, have friends of varied nationalities since after my dads death I was told wrongly that I had no entitlement to benefits, forcing me and my yound son and husband in 2002 to go to stay disabled with husbands relatives in the Netherlands.

      Since this time been reading law , since 2007 have been reading EC law and writing pro- actively for expats to receive their entitlement to DLA after the ruling in 2007.

      Have just been accepted in Cambridge to study law, yet due to being abroad am entitled to no benefits except DLA, so no student loans available to me! . Yet I still wish to go since disability support at the UNI looks great . BUT- no help available.

      I was told that anybody over A level intelligence under new DWP rules is not deemed disabled. I asked if this person – a Decision Maker- at the DWP if they knew who Stephen Hawkin was? no comment..but yes they did know who he was, was the reply I got.

      Skills, great designer ( many people dislike black websites by the way) don’t ask me why? I actually know people that refuse to even look at a website with a black background.

      Law EC law, UK law and particuarly benefit regs. I have been asked to go on the law course and have met with the senior lcturer who suggested that it was my continued effort and work done off my own back that made him feel that I was suitable for the course.

      I have been in contact with the European Commision scocial security head of unit in relation to the 2007 ECJ ruling and various MP’s.

      In my spare time I design posters informing people of their rights, one is currently being used by my local housing society.

      I’m basically a disabled person who has abrain- yet uner these new rules – having a brain seems to be unacceptable.

  94. I’m a pan-disability service user/survivor with many contacts in the sphere of service user involvement which involves political activity as well as local activity. Unfortunately I have just had to step down as a trustee for the National Survivor User Network (NSUN) because my disability makes it too difficult to get to and across London so I’m no use for being a presence at Parliamentary activities. I can though make a fairly good contribution using the internet and would be happy to contribute to online conferences and meetings. I’m also busy in local activities here in Norfolk (a ConDem hotbed) and could certainly help out with the presentation of rural issues – a sector usually forgotten.



  95. Josie says:

    I’m a freelance translator and aspiring journalist currently living in Berlin. I could make contacts and keep you up to date with the Anti Austerity movement here. I’d be happy to do translations of web pages like this one (the title – We Won’t Pay For Your Crisis.) Last month 50,000 people took to the streets here and they are gearing up for the Europe wide action day on September 29th. Please let me know if I can be of help in any way.

  96. mudradio says:

    im from leicester and a radio dj

  97. Barry Kushner says:

    I have done some research into the economic crisis and prepared a presentation that challenges the debt crisis narrative and provides a counter argument showing the percentage of our debt is supporting the banks, what GDP is and how it’s calculated, the historic low levels of debt etc. Read more @

  98. Robert Byford says:

    I am waiter and pot washer by employment. I was BA cabin crew until 2009 and have photographed the picket lines, the personalities and have contributed written work to the Union. I have also photographed and interviewed good people in a Palestinian refugee camp, in Zimbabwe, in sweatshops in Bangkok and Bangladesh. I am married to an Industrial Relations lecturer and have state educated children. I was homeless and sleeping on the streets in1980.
    I have an MSc in Political Theory completed at the London School of Economics in 2009 and an OU BA (Honours) Open degree (Philosophy and World Religions). I am currently completing a BSc in Social Science again OU.
    I can offer research skills, lateral thinking, argument analysis and construction, photographic skills, a sense of humour and a passionate belief in the need to resist. If I can be of assistance please contact me.

    • Oh wow, a sense of humour-we def need a good dash of that! Funny men Mark Thomas and Mark Steel have now signed the petition so I’m hoping we can have a little cheeriness as well as a bit of raging!

      Someone will get onto you soon about your other skills 🙂

  99. Ray Ryan says:

    I am a professional journalist who worked in Fleet Street for 14 years. Need any help on press releases, how to get stuff in papers, I will try and help out. Also have developed a new hobby on how to ring Cameron generally and take the pee out of the Tories. Take care and good luck. Razor

  100. James says:

    I am in charge of a new progressive internet radio and podcast station, Reality Radio. Kate Hudson, the Chair of Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament hosts the shows, and we have currently recorded shows with Lindsey German, Jeremy Corbyn MP, and Bruce Kent. if anyone leading the coalition of resistance is interested in doing some sort of interview (or even hosting a show!) with us, please let me know – we would like to do all we can to help publicise this campaign.

    I have also just started writing a blog called Benefit Watch on the welfare slash and burn of the coalition government – hopefully it might interest some people involved in the campaign.

  101. Julian Gibson says:


    I’m a professional illustrator, and could offer images if needed. I’ve joined the Facebook group, you can see my images on my FB page.

    I’m also a part-time journalist, and generally write about the issues such as this. And I’m an anti-capitalist an anarchist, so you’ll definitely always get an ‘outside the box’ perspective from me…well, outside their shitty box of profit and greed anyway.

  102. Annie Bishop says:

    I am a seasoned disability and dicversity campaigner, I am tenacious and can direct people to services and support, I chair the Northumberland Disability and Deaf network

  103. I’m a mental health caseworker and also a photographer and freelance writer. I’m passionate about supporting vulnerable people with mental health conditions and working with the homeless.

  104. Steve says:

    bloody hell !! – it is here on earth !!

    am retired early on mental health grounds and a poet

    what else……..

  105. Robert Byford says:

    Just to update my details
    Here are some examples of my photographs

  106. Benjamin Day says:

    I work as a researcher of the soon to be ex-Audit Commission. Will happily help – have local government and health knowledge.

  107. Nowrin says:

    I have a few rolling pins I can bash your heads with to make you see sense. Our spending was always, and always will be, unsustainable.

  108. Mark Carrigan says:

    I’m doing a part time PhD in Sociology and have a lot of experience of doing in-depth interviewing. I’ve also spent a lot of time writing up the results of such interviews in accessible forms. I can do data analysis, literature reviews etc.

    I have experience of editing and managing websites. I have done a lot of writing for a range of websites. I have some limited experience of working with the media through my academic work.

  109. cathbore says:

    I would like to contribute written articles, if that will help.

  110. Judging from the variety of images on your web site (!) you could do with some good
    That’s what I do.

  111. Mark Taylor says:

    I can do research. Anything in fact that doesn’t involve me being anywhere within a 5,000 mile radius of the meeting. Nothing personal, I’m just an English language teacher that lives in South Korea and won’t get back until February 2011.

  112. I can do project management and would be particularly interested in working with groups involving or preferable led by people with learning disabilities and difficulties as I have considerable experience in this area.
    I agree with previous writers that this coalition should not be simply a far left knee jerk to far right knee jerks but should be proposing radical but possible alternatives which so far just simply have not been explored.
    I’m based in the South East and will have plenty of time as current Local Authority funded projects come to an end.

  113. Anne Marie Briggs says:

    I can type and spell.

  114. You are welcome to use any of the MyDavidCameron images (though the individual poster creators are always pleased to be credited). And our online poster generators are still running if you want to make new ones.

    Clifford Singer
    MyDavidCameron –
    The Other TaxPayers’ Alliance –

  115. Linda Howells says:

    I would love to help. Generic skills in report writing, problem solving, data analysis, strategic thinking, facilitation, training. Have worked in private, public and community sectors. Good Luck.

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