Convention of the Left Conference: Building Unity in the Age of Austerity | 24-25 September

Provisional Timetable
All sessions will take place in the Friends Meeting House, Mount St, Manchester, M1

Friday 24th September 2010
18.00-21.00 Evening discussion meeting on international struggles around the cuts agenda, with guest speaker Ian Angus from Canada ‘Climate & Capitalism’ as well as speakers on Ireland, Palestine and Eastern Europe.

Saturday 25th September 2010
10.00 – 17.00 All day discussion (lunch available) on building alliances against the cuts followed by continuing social discussion, with food after 17.00.

Contributors including Gregor Gall (Professor of Industrial Relations and Morning Star contributor), John McDonnell MP (LRC Chair) and Matt Wrack (FBU) .

Saturday’s sessions will include:-

  • Building practical unity against the cuts.
  • The nature and effect of cuts on different aspects of our lives (eg benefits, housing, services, jobs).
  • What cuts we do want (military, eco-destruction, attacks on civil liberties)?
  • Arguments for the alternative to cuts (green jobs, free public transport) and the alternative society we want.

Supported by

Communist Party of Britain, Green Left, Labour Representation Committee, NewRad Collective, Red Pepper’ Respect Party’ Scottish Left Review, Scottish Socialist Party, Socialist Resistance, Socialist Worker

Help us plan the event – register in advance (free) here

Download a leaflet here

One Response to “Convention of the Left Conference: Building Unity in the Age of Austerity | 24-25 September”
  1. Michele says:

    Could you video this event and post it on this site may be?

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