Haringey Alliance for Public Services Protest 14 September | Planning meeting 24 August


Protest Rally Against Cuts

Tuesday 14th September – Civic Centre, 6.30pm

Council Cabinet meeting, Wood Green Civic Centre, N22

Called by HAPS.

All concerned groups and individuals are urged to attend, and invited to bring their own banners and placards.

Please download, print off and widely distribute our leaflet to publicise the above event:
Or contact us for copies.
Next organising meeting to support our local public services

Tuesday 24th August, 7pm
Big Green Bookshop, 1 Brampton Park Rd, N22 6BG.

All groups and individuals welcome

Say NO to CUTS – they are unfair, unacceptable and unnecessary

Sign up for HAPS updates at this webpage: www.haringeyresidents.org/haps

Good public services, and a universal welfare system, are central to what’s good about Haringey and our lives. We all need good health care, schools and nurseries, community centres, well-run parks and libraries, social services, affordable housing, safe and attractive neighbourhoods, decent jobs, and an adequate and reliable income for unwaged people. Previous generations fought hard to win such improvements.

Devastating – and unjustifiable

The Council estimates it will have to make £60m cuts over the next 4 years and the NHS faces similar threats. If not countered, the cuts will be
devastating for all our local communities, for those working in the local public sector and other jobs, for many vital public, voluntary and community projects, services and facilities – and for the most vulnerable, including those reliant on housing and incapacity benefits.

This is a wealthy country, but the Government has chosen to take away £billions of public funds from essential public services whilst propping up
greedy and irresponsible banks with public money. Our public services are entitled to adequate resources and improvements!

Doing nothing is not an option

Recently the Government backed down after 5,000 people marched to save the Whittington Hospital. Many others have started to object and protest about proposed cuts affecting their services and jobs. Alliances and campaigns are springing into action all over the country. Doing nothing is not an option!

What can we do together?
Together we can reverse the cuts programme if we take action and say NO. We call on all Haringey’s residents, community groups, workers, and trades unions to link together and stand up for what’s right.

The Haringey Alliance for Public Services (HAPS) has been set up as a network open to all those living or working in Haringey. We support
opposition to the running down, closure or privatisation of any local public services, and support campaigning for improvements. We meet regularly, and promote communication and co-ordination, mutual aid and solidarity among all those affected. Why not get involved?

Contact us: haps@haringey.org.uk 0208 211 0916
To receive updates or to get involved, visit: www.haringeyresidents.org/haps


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