RMT motion at TUC calls for co-ordinated strike action, national demonstration and link up with community groups in fight against the cuts

The RMT transport union has tabled a motion for the TUC Congress in Manchester in September which sets out a blueprint for a co-ordinated trade union and community fight back against the cuts programme and the “class warfare” of the ConDem Government.

RMT leader Bob Crow

RMT leader Bob Crow

The RMT motion calls on the trade union movement to;

· Call an immediate summit of affiliates to discuss the sole issue of how we can best coordinate industrial action to defend jobs, pensions and conditions

· Consider convening a urgent conference of affiliates and representatives of users of publicly funded services and the welfare state to establish a broad alliance against the cuts

· Organise an urgent national demonstration, lobby of Parliament and national days of protest against the cuts and fully involve trades councils in moblising for these events.

· Present a clear alternative to the cuts including public ownership, higher rates of tax for the rich, closing corporate tax loopholes and scrapping Trident replacement.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“The TUC has to be the launch-pad for the fight back against the coalition Government’s decision to unleash all out class warfare through their unprecedented attack on our communities, public services, welfare state and transport system. Our defence must be built on generalised strike action and community resistance in the biggest public mobilisation since the anti-poll tax movement.

“RMT is in no doubt that the government is using the deficit as a thinly veiled cover to engage in an ideological dismantling of the state and an attack on workers, and the most vulnerable in our society, which goes far further than even the dark days of Thatcher.

“As well as setting out plans for our own co-ordinated industrial and community action we also send a message of solidarity to our comrades in Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and elsewhere who are fighting similar cuts to jobs, standards of living and public services.”

RMT motion at TUC calls for co-ordinated strike action, national demonstration and link up with community groups in fight against the cuts

2 Responses to “RMT motion at TUC calls for co-ordinated strike action, national demonstration and link up with community groups in fight against the cuts”
  1. Sue Appleby says:

    well done bob wish my union had the balls just been made redundant , funding issuses after 7 years

  2. Martin says:

    Yes well done RMT and Bob Crow. You have my passionate support and I will do all I can to support this move. Fortunately my union , PCS and the brilliant Mark Serwotka, are wholly supporting this. Though sadly at the moment next to none of the work people I know. It’s like a summer ‘phoney war’ in which they are sleep walking into a ‘Blitzkrieg’. They will not know what hit em till it is too late.

    A General Strike, in my book indefinate (though I know that is dreaming) , is the least these Con Dem right wing criminals deserve. At the moment I am so angry and in despair. This has been coming a very long time. Ever since Thatcher. She, Major, Blair, Brown all have the blood and sweat of working people on their sleeves. The despicable millionaires Clegg and Cameron just had to wait their time. A chance to finally finish the job of changing these islands beyond recognition and for the worse. The US’s next state. The wholesale dismantling of the welfare state. Aneurin Bevan is turning and screaming in his grave.

    Unity is our only weapon. The enemy has it. Brilliant at divide and rule. How the hell do we get there. It worries me that already there seems no over arching focus to our resistance. Bob Crow makes not a mention of Tony Benn’s briiliant initiative here. I know it is early days. But we have to have this one so sorted from the start. I do not care who leads it and are the spokespersons. Just bloody mobilize the left and all the decent hard working people in this land.

    For god sake comrades put aside our differences on the left and elsewhere. Do not fall into the same trap of playing ‘their’ game. Blaming each other. We have done that for decades and maybe it is why we are here. This one more than the rest is too important.

    I dedicate this post to my parents. Thankfully both dead in the sense they will not suffer from this senseless vandalism. I just thank whoever that they died in a far better island to that in which they were born.

    Cameron is about to continue, finish the job, and reverse that for a generation and more.

    Fight and unity. Every waking hour.

    Please put aside our differences on the left and elsewhere.

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