CoR Activists planning meeting | London 2 September

This is a meeting for all signatories and supporters and will be your opportunity to help plan the campaign; if you can’t get down to London, we’ll be holding other meetings around the country – details to follow shortly.

2 September · 18:30 – 20:30

ULU room 3A

Malet St

London WC1E 7HY (Map)

United Kingdom

4 Responses to “CoR Activists planning meeting | London 2 September”
  1. Tamsin says:

    Full address:
    University of London Union
    Room 3A
    Malet Street
    London WC1E 7HY

  2. Anya-Nicola Darr says:

    PLEASE organise one in Exeter….the West Country gets totally ignored. Ben Bradshawe is the very good but struggling MP surrounded by a sea of Blue and Organce we need to organise down here too! DON@T Ignore us Exeter is a university town adn should ahve more goign on.x

  3. Sue Appleby says:

    WANT to be involved just been made redundant because lack of funding tu ed#

  4. kali says:

    Please arrange a meeting in Bristol/Bath as we often get over looked.
    It would be good to have one of the original 74 members at each local meeting,
    As a speaker to co-ordinate local initiatives with the national vision.
    Maybe someone could get in touch, if nothing is in the process of being organised,
    as I don’t mind doing the leg work on this …

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