Coalition of Resistance National Organising Conference

uniteSaturday November 27

Camden Centre

Bidborough St, London WC1H 9AU


details of speakers and workshops to follow

3 Responses to “Coalition of Resistance National Organising Conference”
  1. Paula Ward says:

    Wild horses won’t keep me away

  2. Anya-Nicola Darr says:

    Do we need to book or just turn up? Is there a charge for this conference?

  3. I’ve been inspired recently by the Berkeley Political/Social Science academic, Professor Wendy Brown. I think she has particularly interesting things to say about the disorientation/fragmentation of the ‘left’, and about building coalitions across groups of people – important now considering how many demographics/ different struggles are being played off each other eg ‘indigenous’ locals/ immigrants, young/old etc. And for a theorist she’s fairly readable.

    What she does really well is hold onto more than one critique at a time and bring them together.

    There’s a fairly short interview here (Feb 2010)

    There’s a longer interview in the journal Contretemps (Jan 2006) which serves as an introduction (for me anyway) to her interests more widely but can’t find the link.

    Here’s her Faculty page

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