Call for a Coalition of Resistance Against Cuts and Privatisation

signing a petitionThe Coalition of Resistance statement calling for a mass campaign against the Con-Dem cuts and associated attacks on the welfare state has already been signed by dozens of trade unionists and activists.

We are now asking others to join us.

Please add your name to the statement, including any position you hold. Please get others to sign.

Join the fight against the cuts locally, and come to the national conference at the Camden Centre in London on 27 November 2010.

The conference will propose radical alternatives to the austerity threatening millions, and will plan the fightback to defend the living standards and services of the majority.

Across Europe, governments representing bankers and the rich are imposing austerity on working people and the poor. But in Greece, Spain, France, and elsewhere, the austerity measures have been met with mass strikes and protests.

The conference will hear speakers representing the Europe-wide resistance, as well as activists from anti-cuts and anti-privatisation groups across Britain. With main sessions and workshops, there will be opportunity to pool experience, share ideas, and debate tactics with a wide range of other activists.

The Con-Dem Coalition plans the most savage attacks on working people since the 1930s. It plans to dismantle the post-war welfare state. It is doing this in the interests of a tiny minority of bankers, bosses, and super-rich.

We have to get organised. We have to build the resistance. We have to prepare a massive fightback to ensure that working people and the poor do not pay, yet again, for the crisis of a system they do not control.


Call for a Coalition of Resistance Against Cuts and Privatisation

It is time to organise a broad movement of active resistance to the Con-Dem Government’s budget intentions.  They plan the most savage spending cuts since the 1930s, which will wreck the lives of millions by devastating our
jobs, pay, pensions, NHS, education, transport, postal and other services.

The Government claims the cuts are unavoidable because the welfare state has been too generous. This is nonsense. The national debt is only so large because of the £800bn banking bailout. Ordinary people are being forced to
pay for the bankers’ profligacy.

The £11 billion welfare cuts, rise in VAT to 20%, and 25% reductions across government departments target the most vulnerable – disabled people, single parents, those on housing benefit, Black and other ethnic minority communities, students, migrant workers, LGBT people and pensioners.

Women are expected to bear 75% of the burden. The poorest will be hit six times harder than the richest.  Internal Treasury documents estimate 1.3 million job losses in public and private sectors.

We reject this malicious vandalism and resolve to campaign for a radical alternative, with the level of determination shown by trade unionists and social movements in Greece and other European countries.

This government of millionaires says ‘we’re all in it together’ and ‘there is no alternative’.  But, for the wealthy: corporation tax is being cut, the bank levy is a pittance, and top salaries and bonuses have already been
restored to pre-crash levels.

An alternative budget would place the banks under democratic control, and raise revenue by increasing tax for the rich, plugging tax loopholes, withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, abolishing the nuclear ‘deterrent’,
cancelling the Trident replacement.

An alternative strategy could use these resources to: support welfare; develop homes, schools, and hospitals; and foster a green approach to public spending – investing in renewable energy and public transport, thereby
creating a million jobs.

We commit ourselves to:

  • oppose cuts and privatisation in our workplaces, community and welfare services
  • fight rising unemployment and support organisations of unemployed people
  • develop and support an alternative programme for economic and social recovery
  • oppose all proposals to ‘solve’ the crisis through racism and other forms of scapegoating
  • liaise closely with similar opposition movements in other countries
  • organise information, meetings, conferences, marches and demonstrations
  • support the development of a national coordinating Coalition of Resistance

We urge those who support this statement to build THE ORGANISING CONFERENCE,

27 NOVEMBER 2010, at Camden Centre, Town Hall, London, WC1H 9JE (opp. St
Pancras Station).

Can’t Pay! Won’t Pay!

Tony Benn

Caroline Lucas MP

John McDonnell MP

Jeremy Corbyn MP

Mark Serwotka – General Secretary PCS

Bob Crow – General Secretary RMT

Jeremy Dear – General Secretary NUJ

Michelle Stanistreet – Deputy General Secretary, NUJ

Frank Cooper, President of the National Pensioners Convention

Dot Gibson, General Secretary of the National Pensioners Convention

Ken Loach

John Pilger

John Hendy QC

Mark Steel

Kevin Courtney – Deputy General Secretary NUT

Cllr Salma Yaqoob

Lee Jasper – Joint Coordnator Black Activists Rise Against Cuts [BARAC]

Zita Holbourne – Joint Coordinator of BARAC campaign & PCS National Executive

Ashok Kumar – VP Education & Welfare LSE Student Union (SU)

Hilary Wainwright – Red Pepper

Francis Beckett – Author

David Weaver Chair of the 1990 Trust

Viv Ahmun Director Equanomics UK

Paul Mackney – former General Secretary NATFHE/UCU

Clare Solomon – President University of London Union (ULU)

Lindsey German – Convenor, Stop the War Coalition (personal capacity)

Andrew Burgin – Archivist

John Rees – Counterfire

Romayne Phoenix – Green Party

Joseph Healy – Secretary Green Left

Fred Leplat – Islington Unison

Jane Shallice

Neil Faulkner – Archaeologist and Historian

Alf Filer – Socialist Resistance

Chris  Nineham

James Meadway – economist

Cherry Sewell – UCU

Alan Thornett – Socialist Resistance

Peter Hallward – Professor of Modern European Philosophy

Matteo Mandarini – Historical Materialism Editorial Board

John Nicholson – Secretary Convention of the Left

Michael Chessum – UCL SU Education & Campaigns Officer

Mark Curtis – Writer

Nick Broomfield

Sean Rillo Raczka – Chair, Birkbeck College Students’ Union,  NUS NEC

Robyn Minogue – UoArts NUS Officer

Prince Johnson – President Institute of Education SU

Roy Bailey – Fuse Records

Doug Nicholls

Granville Williams

Gary Herman – (CPBF National Council member, in personal capacity)

Louis Hartnoll – President UoArts SU

Sarah Ruiz – former RESPECT Councillor and Community Activist in Newham

Michael Gavan

Mary Pearson – National Union of Teachers, Vice President Birmingham Trades Union Council

Joe Glenholmes – Unison, Life Member Birmingham Trades Union Council Baljeet Ghale – NUT Past President

Jane Holgate – Chair of Hackney Unite and Secretary of Hackney TUC

Marshajane Thompson – Labour Representation Committee NC

Richard Kuper

Chris Baugh, PCS Assistant General Secretary

Trevor Phillips – Campaigner

Stathis Kouvelakis, UCU, King’s College London

Carole Regan

Bernard Regan

Roger Kline

Hugh Kerr, former MEP

Nina Power Senior lecturer in Philosophy, Roehampton University

Norman Jemmison, NATFHE Past President, NPC

Kitty Fitzgerald, Poet and Novelist

Iain Banks. Author

Arthur Smith, Comedian

David Landau,

Anne Orwin Actor

To sign the statement email :

70 Responses to “Call for a Coalition of Resistance Against Cuts and Privatisation”
  1. Marius Kwint says:

    I support your cause and statement wholeheartedly, but the email address you give does not seem to work.

    Yours in solidarity,

    Marius Kwint

  2. Dominic McCabe says:

    Using the email address I got a failure notice from my Yahoo address. Is there a problem with the address at the moment.

  3. Sarah Maguire says:

    I was so pleased to see the Guardian article and find this website! Every time I look at the news I find another assault upon us is being planned by this government – we do need to fight back. I will keep up to date and be interested to know if anything is being organised in South Wales I could get involved in.

    • Jeremy Gass says:

      I too would be interested in activity in South Wales. I wonder if there could be a mechanism for putting people in touch with one another at a more local level to plan/organise activity?

      • Sarah Maguire says:

        That sounds like a good idea – might be worth just starting local groups on facebook to get discussion going/ ideas for action and see how it develops from there.

  4. Thanks Bionda – that one seems to work (at least havent got an ‘undeliverable’ message yet).

    Clare – the gmail address still isn’t working.

  5. susiefree says:

    In solidarity !!!!!!


  6. Adrian Bonds says:

    Full hearted thanks and support to all involved

  7. Jo Frazer says:

    Excellent to see organised resistance – if we all pool our ideas, talents and beliefs then surely this coalition and their plans are doomed.

    Look forward to the conference in November.

  8. Paul Wright says:

    £25bn tax avoidance per annum for the bankers, the rich and the plain dishonest.

    £5bn lost in tax to privileged ‘Non Doms’ per annum.

    Vast tax breaks given to Financial Services ( No VAT on Financial products, and huge higher rate tax relief off their pension products.

    Yet they prefer to take from the poor and vulnerable – resist indeed.

  9. P Hughes says:


    Your e.mail still isn’t working.

  10. charlesdance says:

    Excellent initiative. Shocking to see just how much the Tories are now prepared to bare their fangs, especially with Cameron announcing yesterday ( that he has no plans to uncut the cutsonce the ‘crisis’ is over, ie. that they are not really related to the deficit at all but are purely ideological in nature. We have to get together and kick their fucking fangs in!

  11. Peter Horne says:

    Go to It !
    As a disabled person of 70 it will be difficult for me to offer practical support. I will be with you in spirit all the way.
    Good luck I need your success.
    Peter Horne

  12. Ian Parry says:

    Clare the e-mail address in the link under the names still returns errors. Please rectify as this is about to hit Facebook in a big way.

  13. Tina Anderson says:

    This is an issue so tragic as to be unspeakable. The people most vulnerable are yet again becoming scape goats for the wealthy, who are the true parasites to society with this Banking nightmare they created and now expect everyone else to feel sorry for their losses. Ha Ha Ha, and we did ‘bail’ them out. But not by the voice of the WE who are paying the bill. WE had no voice! Thanks to Tony Benn for speaking out. He is an inspiration and I think he should challenge the House of Lords to put their names to this petition.

  14. Jon Stewart says:

    There is a march at the Tory Party conference on October 3rd (see

    My union branch and region (Unite) are backing it as well as loads of others.

    Would be good to have had a big united action before yet another ‘lefties against the cuts’ conference.

  15. Celia says:

    I have already sent an e-mail to add my support. I do hope that something very real can be done that will actually get anyone’s attention in a serious way. I fear people may need to be disruptive, though.

  16. James says:

    This all seems very lovely but is there anyone who supports this who, you know, doesn’t have a job paid for from tax or, you know, actually pays tax? Or are there any suggestions for what to do next which don’t involve borrowing eber greater sums of money indefinitely?

    • Emma says:


      Close the tax gap. Stop Trident. Pull out of Afghanistan. Tax the rich (raise corporation tax etc). Raise the Bank levy. Stop PFI. Stop Privatisation and sub-contracting.

      Or, turn society on it’s head and go socialist.

      When my dad first joined the Revenue, the highest rate of tax was 83%, with a levy of 15% on un-earned income, ie money gained from shares or simmilar. Why can’t we have this again?? A truly progressive tax, which takes from those who can afford to pay.

      Are these good enough suggestions James??


  17. Seán McGovern says:

    Disabled people have been demonised for years in the scab press; we’ve become society’s whipping boy – as the rise in disability hate crime bears out. This will make the cuts in our life-enhancing benefits and care packages by the ConDem coalition of the damned much easier to carry out.

  18. John Bracewell says:

    Ganging together to thwart the wishes of the majority, people who voted for the Coalition government, is not democratic.
    The cuts you are against are the result of 13 years of incompetent Labour government.

    • Emma Chaplin says:

      I would just like to point out that NOBODY voted for a coalition government. The combining of two polar opposite parties is no doubt troubling for both sets of supporters… Imagine if Manchester City and United decided to become one club. The horror! It’s always the same argument, the tit for tat, when Labour got in they blamed the Tories for years of incompetence. It’s boring, I don’t really want to know WHO messed things up, I just want our country to work, to be united and to support those more vulnerable and needy members of our society. As do many others according to this campaign

    • Jack says:

      Wishes of the Majority? erm, coalition means there wasn’t a majority, and that people didn’t actually vote Con-Dem because up to that point THEY DIDN’T EXIST! read the lines….

  19. Thomas Pritchard says:

    This is fabulous! It makes me nostalgic for the 1980s. You just know that its a lost cause if Wedgie is a leading advocate. I almost wish that I didn’t have a real job running my own business and was in the public sector, able to throw a sickie with impugnity to come down and join in with the Socialist Workers in challenging your view on Marx in November.

    I look forward to you blocking the Queen’s highway and screaming abuse sometime soon.

    • Jim Dooher says:

      Your grouchy observations miss the point entirely. The obvious “lost cause” that you fail to mention is the bankrupt ‘free-market’ exploitation racket itself, which is now incapable of advancing itself except by cynically picking on the weakest and most venerable sections of society and by recklessly perusing unwinnable wars against poorer regions of the world.

      It is clearly your system failure that is a block on the road to more civilised society and the “abuse” is all coming from you “lost cause” coalition government.

    • Cindy M says:

      I work in the public sector and have not had a sick day for as long as I can remember – My job is too important and needed for me to act so irresponsibly. My job is very ‘real’ and not just a commodity.

      I will be booking a days annual leave to attend the conference and giving my presence and voice to a cause that is not lost and in no way abusive.

  20. Lyn Matthews says:

    I fully support the above statement. We cannot go back to the dark days we had to live through under the last Tory government. As usual it is to keep the working classes in their place, take away our voice and keep us in our place. We cannot allow this to happen to us again.

  21. John Charles Warburton says:

    At last, someone standing up and saying ‘enough’! This government was brought in by backhanded dealing, 30% is not a majority, double dealing by all parties is not the way the country should be run.

  22. Matthew Thomas says:

    If you need someone to design slogans, banners, posters etc I will work for free. I also have connections to many other graphic designers who won’t mind assisting in this cause.

  23. Russell says:

    Shouldn’t we rather be pushing for prosecution of the bankers?

  24. Neil says:

    I fully support this statement and any form of organised resistance, but feel this conference should be held far earlier, before the ConDem coalition get their teeth into more people with the spending reviews due in September and October. Still, good start!!!

    • Alex Snowdon says:

      Yes, we need action NOW and have no time to lose. But I also think this conference is – if it’s going to be serious and built for properly – timed correctly. It’s part of an on-going process and there’s still going to be lots to organise and plan in November. Hopefully it’ll be a chance to take stock of what’s already happened, strengthen the links between different campaigns and events, then move forward bigger, broader and better!

  25. Shred-a-Fred says:

    A bank run would demand an interest rate rise, penalise bankers, and be a show of force.

  26. Dr. Paul O'Kane says:

    Something terrible is happening in the UK. For all New Labour’s faults and mistakes, since this election, what we had grown used to as constructive government for the people has been replaced by vindictive, fear-mongering announcements, and shoddy, slapdash proposals, thrashed out by a cabinet of careless millionaires. We can’t give away our democracy like this, we need it and our children and our children’s children will need it. We can’t give away our UK like this. Something has to be done and quickly. Demand a new election.

  27. Mark Wiltshire says:

    I support this statement 100 percent. The conservative agenda is callously putting the futures of generations seriously at risk.

  28. Someone says:

    IS there a full list of signatories that we can view? Want to see if my name gt accepted

  29. Martin says:

    I support stuff in the statement totally and have done since 4th May 1979. The day Thatcher ‘made me a Socialist’. Gave me a name I am proud of. Fought her every step of the way, incl Blair and Brown. Though never ‘joined’ anything before. Apart from the union.

    This is good news today for a change. In all those years I could never feel comfortable with the factionalism of the left. We are so good at doing the Capitalists job for them. It’s why they keep winning. Why we are where we are maybe.

    This is different. I hope. As somebody above implied (fangs), this savage assault on the welfare state is quite unashamedly naked. They have been salivating to finish Thatchers job for so long.

    They take all the money in the banking crisis. They run – on more bonuses. Then blame the victim for the crime.

    Please say they will not get away with it this time

  30. Sila Collins-Walden says:

    I voted Lib Dem and I got Tory! Another bloody Tory party worse than Thatcher. David Cameran is a disgrace, a millionaire with a rich wife. What does he know of how the rest of the voters live. It is assumed that anyone on benefits are all “scroungers” . Yet, MP’s can steal our money and get away with it by apologizing in front of the TV cameras waving their cheques about. The bankers still take their obscene bonuses after we bailed them out of the mess. These harsh cuts will affect the most vunerable people in our society. Yet again we the people of Britain have to pay the penalty for the misdemeanours of those in public life who should be working on our behalf. There is a need for a revolution in Britain against these harsh cuts. Rise up!! I’m a middleclass privately educated woman in my 60’s, I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD SAY SUCH A THING!!

  31. Mick Matthews says:

    A European campaign is good (and we can certainly learn from our European mates) but we also need to be clear about what we are trying to do in the UK because there will be differences.

    Reading the postings so far there is already an emerging lack of consensus (not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself, however….)

    For example is the point of a “Coalition of Resistance” to stimulate a civil response, mobilising society in all its ‘norms’ and not so ‘norms’ to refuse to be bullied into accepting unfair, draconian cuts, with a longer term (and far loftier) aim of having a much fairer and intelligent system for managing the country; or is it about trying to use a political system, the business as usual, well trodden and famously unsuccessful (for the vulnerable, disenfranchised at any rate) path (sorry James) to try and get those who would consider themselves our masters, not to whip us unworthy curs quite so hard?

    So, “spontaneous” civil defiance or slow political process? (Not such an easy question as you may think)

    We couldof course simply see what happens – untutored collective consciousness may emerge – but in my experience, without some clear aims, direction, some sort of broad plan that enables local, regional and national actions, things will just peter out. Anyway………

  32. Martin says:

    Some very moving and really interesting posts here.

    It seems to me the ‘Can’t Pay won’t pay’ is a deliberate echo of the successful resistance to the Poll Tax. This is about the single issue of the savage cuts to the welfare state our parents, and their generation, fought two world wars to to achieve.

    The first step for me is waking up the people I work with. Sleeping as they are back to a 1930’s X Factor. Because right now most of them I unbelievably still find blame the unions for this mess.

    Lot’s of work to be done. The louder the better

  33. Ben Bamber says:

    Please can you explain to me why the ConDems activities are racist? I doubt you’re telling the truth, but I just don’t get it.

  34. Jim Dooher says:

    1) Oppose cuts and privatisation in our workplaces, community and welfare services.
    2) Fight rising unemployment and support organisations of unemployed people.
    3) Develop and support an alternative programme for economic and social recovery.

    Developing an “alternative program for economic and social recovery” and “An alternative budget would place the banks under democratic control, and raise revenue by increasing tax for the rich, plugging tax loopholes, withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, abolishing the nuclear “deterrent” by cancelling the Trident replacement.” will bring the movement into direct conflict with all the vested interests of capitalism and its state forces. It would be wise to alert the movement to this fact so that it can be debated openly and honestly.

    4) Oppose all proposals to “solve” the crisis through racism and other forms of scapegoating.
    5) Liaise closely with similar opposition movements in other countries.
    6) Organise information, meetings, conferences, marches and demonstrations.
    7) Support the development of a national co-ordinating coalition of resistance

  35. Martin says:

    Just adding to Ben’s good question about the racism in this dismantling of the welfare state.

    BBC News – Half of young black people unemployed, says report20 Jan 2010 … Almost 50% of black people between the ages of 16-24 are unemployed, compared with … Surprise fall in UK unemployment 20 Jan 10 | Business …

    We can of course read different stats and reports and argue about this. But stats like this are consistent. for decades now. When times are hard people look for easy scapegoats. Missing the real culprit by miles.

    People with disabilities are 4 times more likely to be unemployed. We could go on.

    So I guess this criminality by the ‘Con-Dems’ attacks every ‘ism’ and vulnerable person there is. Yes that is racist. Also sexist, disablist and the rest. It hits them hardest in the most unequal society in Europe. That’s another stat masking lives.

    Solidarity good people

  36. John Pearce says:

    I think that it is important that we don’t let far-left ideology overtake the fundemental message that this coalition is trying to send out: that the cuts in public spending are too drastic and continued privatisation of the public sector is completely unacceptable. I think that playing too much on the Afghan withdrawal, nuclear disarmament and “democratisation” (nationalisation?) of the banks is going to put A LOT of normal working people off. This should be a BROAD movement of the left: from the centre-left to the far-left. CoR is only going to be as successful as the amount of people supporting it.

  37. Jim Dooher says:

    What is “important” is that we don’t obscure l the truth about vicious attacks on large sections of mostly working class people, by constructing a shallow public relations ‘image’ for the benefit of the right-wing press who are, as we speak, already preparing reams of copy aimed at intimidating any resistance to the government attacks.
    John, it’s hard to see how you can’t know, any more than anyone else can, what “normal working people” will be put off by unless they have the opportunity to join in the discussions being had and not censored or arbitrarily chopped up into ‘single issues’ as per the BBCs weekly Question Time charade..
    In response to the last point you make John. The numbers of people supporting this or any campaign are not a guarantee of success alone. Resistance is not a Britain’s Got Talent show; it’s a living struggle for our interests against a government that represents the interests of its own class. If you don’t recognise that, the government definitely dose.

  38. Martin says:

    Ever the thoughtful mediator I think there is alot in the last two posts to think on. About making this campaign mass based but also very tightly focused.

    Maybe people out there will wake up once the cuts bite. If that is not too late. For me right now the utmost priority is winning peoples hearts and minds against the cuts. Because within days/weeks of the farcical election so many people I spend my working day with seem to have acquired a selective amnesia. In the best easy time worn tradtion of ‘blaming the last lot’ for everything.
    Somehow the 150 Trillion to the Bank bail out’s drops through their pocket like small change. Totally forgotten. You could not make it up. I do not think where I work is untypical. Full and bloated as they seem to be from the daily spoon feeding of the mountainous right wing press and media.

    We have that mountain to climb. To get a loud clear message out that commands mass support I do think this must be as focused on a single issue as the poll tax was. I do not see that as patronising to working people, the working class, it is defending core class interests and tactical.

    People regard me as extreme far left. All is relative. I regard the economics of the ‘Con-Dems’ as far right so I suppose I am. If the UK takes any more turns to the right it will be over a cliff. Funny how we do not hear accusations of extremism against Ministers of the state.

    ‘Two steps forward, One step back’ means I guess we get the first step right. Otherwise we stand still but oh so idealogically pure. The greed is not of our making. Keep it simple. Show it for what it is.

    • Jim Dooher says:

      Your work mates are correct to “blame the last lot” because it was the Labour Party that began ‘bailing-out’ the robbing bankers.

      But let’s get down to your main point. You say “We have that mountain to climb. To get a loud clear message out that commands mass support I do think this must be as focused on a single issue as the polltax was.” Why do you choose the poll tax as an example? Why not be “focused” on bringing down this government which has no mandate for its actions and no majority support outside its own parliamentary stitch-up.

      Either we accept an epoch of endless attacks on living conditions, mass unemployment, super exploitation and unending war mayhem or we begin organising for a revolutionary fight to paralyse the rule of this and any other anti-working class government and get all assets under the control of the working class. That includes the banks.

      Now’ you and others around the CoR may think that the current crisis of the system doesn’t warrants that kind of “focused” discussion and that’s OK, but please stop insulting “normal working people” -telling us that “many people I spend my working day with seem to have acquired a selective amnesia” … “Full and bloated as they seem to be from the daily spoon feeding of the mountainous right wing press and media.” This just make you look as though your blaming workers as an excuse for your own more courteously “focused” approch.

  39. Suzanne says:

    Mick’s comment about “whip us unworthy curs” really strikes a chord.

    I am a contractor to the public sector; I provide a hands-on expert service at a fair rate – I am not paid shed loads to ” consult” , “manage” or write clever reports. I do not cost tax payers one penny of holiday pay, sick pay, NIC , pension – or redundancy if my services are dropped – but I do pay taxes on my profits.

    All I sense around me is worry and fear as hard working, dedicated people like me find their work is insulted daily by a government who seems to blame us for the decisions of our paymasters. OK – we all accept that there must be cuts but why do it with a tone of so much vindictiveness?


    David Cameron your ministers must show some good grace and respect to the people, or they will rise up in hatred.

    Leaders of this movement : engage the government in a civilised conversation and put forward well thought out declarations and solutions, not just banner waving and marching.

    People of this movement : make a constructive start to this process by contributing to the conference and avoid language which could inflame the dispossessed to acts of violence.

    We are all in this together. Even the bankers.

  40. Martin says:

    Eh Jim, thanks for an interesting response much of which I agree with. Not the bit about me blaming workers though obviously.
    Sadly some approaches here, hopefully not yours, are already predictably slipping into something the left excels at. Blaming each other. Internicine warfare in what used to be smoked filled rooms. Screams of ‘Class enemy’ long into the night, whilst for 30 years and more the capitalist buggers have been laughing all the way to the bank – literally. If the left focused as much fire, time and energy on ‘the actual enemy’ as it does with each other I honestly think that a workers state would be a step closer.

    ‘begin organising for a revolutionary fight to paralyse the rule of this and any other anti-working class government and get all assets under the control of the working class. That includes the banks’

    Some of us began that fight a very long time ago. 35 years in my case. In that time all I have for it still is a very passionate beating humanist heart that still feels, fights and argues for the same as you. But also a very sore head from banging it against the brick wall of the Right and sadly some on the utopian Left.
    What are we left with in 2010? Decades of asset stripping from the state that would have been unimaginable 30 years ago. Then your ‘fabled’ workers, I was and am one of them, would have passionately joined a general strike over any fraction of the criminality they now get away with . Without even the asking. I do know the meaning of a spontaneous workers state. Maybe you missed or misunderstood my quote from the tactics of ‘Lenin’.

    Openly naked attacks on working peoples very existence are fast becoming the norm. Accepted. No Jim, the people at my immediate work place sadly do not blame ‘the last lot’ for their free for all for the banks. Oh I wish. That is what I mean by utopian. They just blindly blame ‘Gordon Brown’ (sad pun intended) full stop. Thank god they are not typical of my union. Most of them are scabs. What is more they are proud of it.

    Forgive me but I have found that courtiessness gets to more hearts than just beating the shit out of people.

    Take care comrade

  41. Jeevan says:

    At last some organised action! Thank you!

    I have worked in the NHS 37 years and given my 110% to the job. I can’t remember when I last took a day off sick it was so long ago! I don’t like what happeneing to the NHS and we should do all weI can to protect it before it’s gone.

    Having experienced the horrible dark Tory years in the 80’s onwards, we really don’t want to go there again! We really need to support this excellent initiative!

  42. Martin says:

    Laurel and Hardy were funny. Personally I am thinking of grave snatchers like ‘Burke and Hare’. Did those two ever do the Edinburgh Festival (Sorry)

  43. Mick Matthews says:

    One of the many concerns for me is that the Laurel and Hardy Coalition do not appear to have a coherent eonomic policy beyond following a failed IMF/World Bank approach . Structural Adjustment is a policy of basically cutting investment in education, health, social care etc., hiking taxes, all the items that fundamentally punish the poor and vulnerable (for being poor and vulnerable and also because they are disenfranchised so easily punished) in order to service external debt. This approach has been used criminally unsuccessfully in developing countries to the extent that many have lost their health care infrastructure to such and development aid is now being required to rebuild health systems!!! What I see this L & H Coalition doing is Structural Adjustment for a developed country. And no strategy for dealing with the “top” end of the money chain.

  44. Martin says:

    The tragedy is the Tories (All of them are – just different coloured ties) do have a very coherent and indeed consistent economic policy. Mick described it very well earlier.
    I fear they do know what they are doing. What has worked well for them in places of least resistance such as the developing world they are now importing into the UK. Watch the label on the clothes you buy. Screw the poor and vulnerable even more in the very system that now feels explicitly designed to do just that. They have done it before. Lessons learned in the savage colonial era.

    For the record and to ‘balance’? it out. The state capitalist perversion the Soviet Union became had some of the harshest labour laws in history. The slave labour of the gulag was also in it’s way the everyday experience of shopworkers and the rest.
    The Tory buggers have learned from that too. How to get away with it and blame it on what what some see as their enemy.

    Maybe I am unfortunate and isolated in my work crowd just now. Because at the moment if there was a collecting box on every street corner to reduce the so called ‘National Deficit, they would chuck in their family ‘silver’ tomorrow.

    Yes it is a war. They are just pathetically still fighting the wrong one. Please give me examples of how yours is different. As in setting this island on fire in the Autumn.

  45. I’ve written a blog around my positive feelings to the Coalition of Resistance. Please read, comment, subscribe for more!

  46. Martin says:

    First thing. Anybody tried to get into the main blog here? I imagine there were well over 50 comments on the first day. Thousands now I should think.
    So trying to get into it just now took my pc back to the 19th century it seems. Steam started coming out the back and it just threw me out. Please can some of the fine selfless committed and intelligent comrades here do something. Put it into sections or something so we can access maybe just the days comments. So frustrating I am suspecting it is a Tory/Right wing virus. I know this is a temporary site and god knows I am thankful for it. There are some fine minds and hearts here (from the brief glimpse I had of the main blog a few predictably feable one’s too) Go for it

    • Jim Dooher says:

      OK Martin, “General Strike in October”, but what for? If it is to be anything like the Greek strikes for example, it would just be to ‘march us up to the top of the hill and march us down again’, without any clear objective.

      Along with all the splendid ‘organising’ and well intentioned ‘activism’ up and down Britain, we will need to develop our understanding about the true depth of this capitalist crisis and the full world wide slump, war and revolution implications for us.

      A deeper understanding of this would be a real material gain for this movement and workers everywhere.
      Hopefully we’ll see more contributions addressing these fundamental matters soon.

  47. Martin says:

    …..and another thing. Why does the very fine (I am sure she is) Mary McDonagh of August 6th still appear as the last post in this blog still?

    So what I wanted to say, finally. Finding nowhere else here to say it.

    Reading stuff even here again confirms just one thing to me. When is the left going to go to work on the right wings not so secret but devastating weapon. Divide and rule. It works every time. Has done for 30 years and more. This summers example is more depressing than most. Peoples fingers pointing shouting cut that, cut this, cut the scroungers, but eh……above all please do not cut me.

    It has happened here. Private sector against public. Nationals against migrants. Faith against atheism. Employed against unemployed. Full time against part time. The list is endless. Even straight against gay. There is no foul prejudice at the bottom of the pond the right do not sink to. Because it works. Smoke and mirrors.

    The great success of course is too few of us take time to stop and pick out the criminal in our midst. Stinking right wing free and unfettered Market Capitalism that is the Con-Dems, and New Labour. If the buggers get away with it much more we will all be in Labour camps.

    I think even then there are those amongst us who would just blame the harsh lazy guards!

    If we have to point please stop and think. Check the sense of direction and for god sake get it right.

    General Strike in October. Please

  48. Jim Dooher says:

    OK Martin, “General Strike in October”, but what for? If it is to be anything like the Greek strikes for example, it would just be to ‘march us up to the top of the hill and march us down again’, without any clear objective.
    Along with all the splendid ‘organising’ and well intentioned ‘activism’ up and down Britain, we will need to develop our understanding about the true depth of this capitalist crisis and the full world wide slump, war and revolution implications for us. A deeper understanding of this would be a real material gain for this movement and workers everywhere.
    Hopefully we’ll see more contributions addressing these fundamental matters soon.

  49. Martin says:

    Eh Jim, interesting to engage again. This site is such a maze nobody seems to actually talk to each other here much. A mite worrying for solidarity.

    “General Strike in October”, but what for? Good question. In my book the answer is simple. The simpler and more focused the better. For now it should be a simple straightforward fight to demand the preservation, and expansion, of what is left of the welfare state.
    Simple opposition to the unimaginably savage cuts. Massive tax rises on the bankers and rich. One step at a time. In the right direction. Something so straighforward and immediate it could mobilize enough to actually acheive something on the left. That would be a first nationally in my lifetime and long sought after. Even a victory there would rock the City and Wall Street. Serve them final notice. Unimaginable joy I cannot take in right now. Imagine the lessons learned from such a victory and the next step.
    Because as I indicated before however the chances of even that seem about as remote as the bloody moon. Maybe you really should walk the streets I walk or work in places I do. Rather than Socialism or Solidarity the only ‘S’ word I hear is from the buggers is ‘Sell’, as in sell the state to the highest bidder. Blame the nasty Gordon Brown.

    Of course I am now imagining your reasons for a general strike in October. Forgive the glibness if I am wrong. Would it be by any chance ‘A Workers State” by Christmas maybe. Or indeed in the next 5, 10, 20 years? The overthrow of the Government and the whole stinking Capitalist class. If so I am with you. As I said I have been for a very long time.
    One huge reason Jim why that has been such a painful long wait is some seem to eat ‘Dialectical Materialism’ for breakfast. Failing to imagine that most do not – but try to force it down their throat. Then blaming ‘them’ for the mess in the corner. ‘Infantile Leftism’ (Lenin). Socialism is a philosophy yes. It could also be a practice.

    Stuff like this stops that happening. Working class unity. The first goal. Simple right.


    • Jim Dooher says:

      Hi Martin,
      First off I agree that this site is a bit of a maze which doesn’t help debate much. Again hopefully things will improve if the organisers want more debate.
      You’ve noticed the wide variety of opinions about how the ‘resistance’ should proceed and you’ll most likely have noticed that the ‘left’ tendencies are already attempting to through a ‘parliamentary’ net over this growing spontaneous anger at the coalition cuts and government expenses corruption. The script for this campaigning now being advanced from the ‘left’ is – mass mobilisation outside parliament (including “direct action” strikes and demonstrations etc) to produce genuine economic and social reform inside parliament. At first sight it all looks entirely possible if we think that this bankrupt ruling class is willing or even able to allow such a popular movement to win reasonable civilised reform of its greedy chaotic system.

      So what evidence is there that the capitalist class are willing to back down? What evidence that they will let go of their historic ‘rights’ to:1) Own and control land. 2) Own and control production.3) Own and control the money markets and 4) Own and control the exploitation of labour? There is absolutely no evidence!
      We only have to test this out by asking anyone who claims to think the capitalists will back down under popular pressure after October, to place a large personal money bet on such an outcome. They wouldn’t do it. No, the object of this ‘radical’ sounding campaigning is to channel working class anger and contempt into letting off some steam before the next crowd of equally ‘radical’ sounding opportunists take their cushy seats in another corrupt parliament – again!!!
      The difference now is that this crisis is the greatest economic and political crisis in the entire history of humanity, far greater than the collapses that produced World War One and World War Two.
      The options for us, as mentioned above, are stark but simple; either go down in slump poverty and world wide war mongering chaos or start discussions about how to finally take control of our world away from this delinquent capitalist class once and for all.

      And Martin mate, if however anyone reading this thread still thinks the current crisis can really be “solved” and the system “reformed” without a revolutionary debate they would be doing us all a big service if they could tell us how?


  50. Martin says:

    Jim, first thing. I must stop agreeing like this. It is getting embarrasing for me. Putting my hopefully leftist ‘credentials’ into question maybe. Where is my seemingly mandatory sectarian bile? (Joke)

    Quote ‘No, the object of this ‘radical’ sounding campaigning is to channel working class anger and contempt into letting off some steam before the next crowd of equally ‘radical’ sounding opportunists take their cushy seats in another corrupt parliament – again!!!’ unquote

    Absolutely brilliant. I wish I had thought of that phraseology. It say’s so much in so little space.

    Not sure about it being ‘ the greatest economic and political crisis in the entire history of humanity’ though. Wow. Oh my. What profound words. Since Capital took over certainly. Just thinking there may have been a few near extinctions before then. Though I agree this one is massive. Certainly in my lifetime. Tried to say that to some work mates the other day.
    It is their response. Worse than apathy so far. Like naughty children (Thanks Mick Matthews – another poster here) they believe the shit that tells them they deserve all this. That keeps me grounded in ‘what the hell do we do about that in the here and now?’ How do I get through the brainwashing. What do I say?

    ‘1) Own and control land. 2) Own and control production.3) Own and control the money markets and 4) Own and control the exploitation of labour?’

    Spot on though that is, there would be no surer way with them to keep and put more opportunists back into what is laughingly called mainstream democracy and power. Parliament. What is more. If I had gone to any of those 4 fundamentals of Socialist Justice the sad laughing would have grown louder. Has it has done for 30 years and more. Playing a big part in where we are I might add. Lot’s of intellect, passion and heart. Sod all to show for it.
    It’s a bit lke asking a 5 year old beginner swimmer if they could do the Channel next week. Not patronising. Sadly realistic.

    Class consciousness is the first requisite for revolution. It has to come from the roots. Right? Maybe we should start stopping people in shops to give the lie to Blairs shit, about classless society. Selling ‘Socialist Worker’ and the rest to achieve it could take another 200 years. If then. Working people need to engage and experience the reality of their struggle and power. We need to experience the power we have to move this planet. We need a victory. If not etirely on our terms.

    Evidence? From Blair Peach to Ian Tomlinson no thinking mind can still think the Capitalist state neutral. Surprise surprise the Capitalist’s fight back. With the army, SPG, everything at their disposal. Being a card carrying reader of ‘Capital’ will not be much defence against the truncheons I fear.

    Being alongside thousands and millions of others will

    Not reform Jim. Tactics. We really need to be united on this one. Even if it means 10 more years of reformist bxxxxxxx. Loving this. Keep at it Comrade. I have no answers but I love the thinking passion.

  51. Mick Matthews says:

    The problem is Mary that L & H already are duping the citizens of the UK. People are continually making reference to “hard and difficult times”; “its going to be tough”; “there is the economic situation so its understandable things need to be cut” etc ad nauseum. The approach to the media taken by L & H and all their minions has been to begin every speech with “These are difficult times and there are difficult choices to be made” and they say it so often people are starting to believe them. Unless we find a way of challenging this then we will find that the strikes and demonstrations being planned will not gain broad support and will be cast as harming the country rather than trying to stop it being harmed.

  52. Mary Mc Donagh says:

    We must make haste before Laurel and Hardy of the coalition start to believe they can dupe the citizens of UK.
    Ghettoization,poverty and sickness is on offer for the most vulnerable. We must do our utmost not to allow this to happen.

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